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    Feral Healing question ?

    So I have heard it is possible to heal whilst in feral spec, and was wondering if anyone could elaborate on this as it is a huge curiosity ?

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    The only healing abilities feral has is Healing Touch (in combination with Predatory Swiftness) and Rejuv (which doesn't heal for much).

    Then of course there's the T2 and T6 talents which all provide some sort of healing, but that's not anything particularly different from the other druid specializations.

    If you're looking for a different answer than that I'm afraid you'll have to be more specific with your question, what exactly you were asking wasn't very clear.

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    I suppose one could use the Predatory Swiftness stacks (or whatever it's called, the one that gives 100% cast time deduction after 5 combo points) as well as the Nature's Swiftness talent to throw Healing Touches around. (I've stuck by this talent since the beginning for this very reason, it and Rebirth while in form)

    I suppose you factor in some from Heart of the Wild or Nature's Vigil as well. While in Feral spec I think we only have access to Rejuv and Healing Touch, but we likely get a nice multiplier from Nurturing Instinct.

    This is all I could come up with in short notice.

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    Thanks, that is more than enough. I was just looking for how viable it is, I was aware there's the skill that turns agility into nature spell power, so I thought it could of added something to it.

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    For PvP if you have HotW Cenarion Ward and Rejuv heals for a lot during the "proc" effect.
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    1v1 feral healing is pretty big. anything else and it's just a gimmick.

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