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    Resto druids spirit needs

    Just switched to resto for my raid and am trying to get my gear set from my old boomkin set. I'm wondering how much spirit other resto druids find they need for 10-man normal runs. In LFR I have some mana issues, and I don't know how that will translate into my guild run. Currently I'm sitting at just under 7,500.
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    A little more information would be helpful, like an armory link, what comp you are healing with, which fights you struggle with on mana. I was running 10 man normals around 8500 spirit and felt like I was swimming in mana. It could simply be an issue with your spell usage and not your actual regen.

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    It really depends on spec, talents, and playstyle. I like going with high amount of spirit and mastery, and at this point I never go oom, at least not in normal modes (12/12). We are two-healing 10/12.
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    Yeah Thelvar is right, could use a bit more info, especially logs if you can. Because if you have trouble in lfrs its prolly spell selection more than anything else (and there's a lot of derp in the newer ToT's which can drain your mana more than normal)

    In general i'd say for 10 man normals you can manage well with anywhere from 7500-9000 spirit - not including trinket procs (Around 8k myself).
    If you are gonna push for hardmodes or 25 man normals you may need more spirit depending on skill level, comp, strats, etc.
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    I'm currently running with 7k spirit and not having mana issues in a 25m environment. A lot of it will have to do with you using the right spells at the right times.
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    Honestly, it depends on how aggressive of a healer you are/ how smart you are with your mana, what content you are doing, the healer composition of your raid, the other external cooldowns available in your raid. You have to find your sweet spot.

    I am a fairly aggressive resto druid (funny right.. an aggressive resto druid), we are currently progressing in ToT heroics and we have tried 2 and 3 healing. I heal with a Paladin and a Priest (worst nightmare) or when I 2 heal with a paladin. I sit at around 10-11k spirit, track my clearcasting buff, use mana cooldowns on point.

    In 25 man you can get away with less spirit for sure.

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    Armory is in my signature, don't have logs because all I've done as resto so far has been LFR. Healing comp is me and 2 resto shammys. We are incredibly casual and are still clearing Heart of Fear. I'm now just under 9k spirit, so I think I'll be in a good place when we start raiding again.
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    a lot of top guild druids seem to be around 14-15k spirit, which imo is way over kill.. but it all depends on ur trinkets and raid... for example i sit at 10.7k spirit, but i have 2x priests, a druid, and a resto shamans totem all giving me mana.

    just get to wotever spirit makes u feel comfortable

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    The tl:dr answer is. .. it depends. You need to find out what your personal spirit requirements are. For me it is 10k for progression. If you have multiple priests and shammies who can dependably use cds it may be less.

    Iif you're ending fights at 50% mana then reforge some out. If you are struggling and going oom then vice versa.

    I know a druid who uses 7k spirit and swears he is fine. It is all based on the player.

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    You should aim the spirit your comfortable with it, it won't change anything on your healing style. At the end, top resto druid use 14.5k*~ spirit because we run content that is way harder than normal modes and early heroics. We also need a marge we confortables with and barely end fight above 10% mana in content pre-nerf.

    I started MSV when it came out with barely 8k spirit and ended up in ToT with 14.5k spirits and I can tell you im never ending a pull with 80% of my mana because I roll HoT's alot to pre-heal lower the incomming heavy damage on the raid to save bigger raid cooldowns for strategics moments.

    Play smart your cooldowns and do not try to top metters but just try to act your there to support your healers and you will shine as a resto druid in your guild.

    Have fun!

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    The reason top guilds use 14k spirit and co is because they have gotten over the whole im imba so only need 7k spirit crap.

    I find as a resto druid 10k spirit is where I sit, it works well for me you cant really get away with using rejuv much with less spirit in 10 man anyway.
    In 25 man you probably need less but generally I find most people that have less then the general amount are just people wanting to look pro cause they have less then what people deem "normal".
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    I get as much spirit as possible while keeping socket bonuses. I find that my average healing output throughout a fight is highest that way. I raid in 10 man normal and is currently at around 12k spirit.

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    more spirit = more reju = win whoop

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    As a resto druid, you pretty much want as much Spirit as possible. Your job is to keep Rejuv rolling on as many targets that need it, and Spirit is what helps accomplish that.

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    Sitting at 13k and feels comfy for Heroics on 10 man, can spam away reju pretty freely and also have buffed shrooms ready almost 24/7. Especially with 4set bonus.

    For 25's i don't think you need much at all though.

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