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    Which t14 4pc and trinkets to use until t15 loot?

    Ok, so I currently have both Lei Shen (N) 2/2 and Relic of Xuen 2/2...
    Brutal Talisman worth replacing either of those as arms? (assuming i can work around the expertise on it)

    Also, I have both Valor helm and shoulders, and LFR shoulders + Normal Helm. Which would be the ones to go for?

    (this is all until i replace them with t15 - note, that i mainly LFR, apart from the occasional guild alt raid or pug, and I also play arms)

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    Glove/Legs are the worthwhile 2 piece. If you can get t14 4pc, shoulders or helm will be your offpiece, so probably keep your tier helm since it's higher ilvl and go with valor shoulders.
    As for trinkets, Brutal Talisman is worth replacing either. I don't know about normal Lei Shen trinket, but H:LeiShen had about 30% uptime, so I'd say replace Relic of Xuen.

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