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    Evil far greater than good in warcraft

    so i'm just observing you know. So many of the characters and races are either evil, next to pure evil, or tending to evil. pure good or next to pure good characters are next to non-existent in warcraft. Furthermore, most would be good characters are more accurately described as not evil rather than good.

    races do a lot more evil than good - the excuse is usually survival. but there is a hell of a lot more evil in warcraft than good. and in warcraft evil does tend to triumph over good. the only thing is that all of azeroth and it's inhabitants don't get wiped out - which off course they can't or there'll be no story for the game

    notice the steady decline of the role of good characters or good races? everyone has to be messed up and it's more a degree of how messed up you are rather than a degree of how good/straight and narrow you are.

    i guess the writers feel that good isn't a good thing to promote, but darkness is. and just because you call an ability light, and slap a shining visual on it, doesn't mean there is light in warcraft. it is always subdued, vastly outnumbered and overwhelmed..and when presented, always presented as weak.

    e.g. Elune, Malfurion, night elves - they may not always have been so when they were first introduced, but who in Azeroth wants to model their characters after Elune or malfurion or feel proud to be part of the night elf race? good is so lame in warcraft. The so called paladins and holy priests? where is the good they do? they just shout righteous dribble and demons and undead waving a sword, that does not make them good, they carve a lot more destruction than restoration, and off course they often turn out evil - Arthas? Benedictus. - or just plain incompetent - Tyrande -- this is the freaking high priestess you know of the night elves, and she comes off more as a stern faced idiot, or whimpering arm girl, not a righteous and holy woman of valor and courage - and it's not as if there aren't real life examples like Joan of Arc to model her on.

    blizzard suck at writing good these days, suc, the theme is totally dark - light and goodness are punch bags that seem to surface only to be squasehed and deprive - and the survives always grim faced that never really shine anything remotely good to pure good, and just a hair throw from evil. Even the supernatural beings of goodness don't get any cover, yet their evil counterparts are very much at the forefront.

    alliance good and horde evil is b/s - it's more liek alliance not evil really, and horde not pure evil
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    Writing about "good" is always lame. The audience wants it, so the writers give it their best try, but you can't blame them for failing when the audience asked for something dumb.

    "Good vs. evil" is just catering to nationalism, xenophobia, and war myths. The audience's request for "goodies" isn't innocent.

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    Because most of the players (kids/teenagers) loves to pretend to be 'teh bad guyz'.

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    The story tries to be as "realistic" as fantasy can be... that means that morality shouldn't really be good vs evil because in real life it never is...

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    The game itself while not real life, does a very good job at depicting real world views. Almost nothing is cut and dry or black and white, there are a million degrees of grey in between. Murder for example, while condemned in ones homeland/peace-time, is COMPLETELY overlooked during war. Why? Because usually you are either being assaulted by another tribe/country/etc or YOUR side started said war for some reason and feel it is justified. Just my two cents.

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    Evil is a far more interesting and dynamic behavior pattern than good. My two favorite games of all time are Dungeon Keeper and GTA: San Andreas, in both of which the player assumes the role of the bad guy. If anything, I would say that WoW needs more evil, I'm tired of being the hero.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jahasafrat View Post
    Evil is a far more interesting and dynamic behavior pattern than good. My two favorite games of all time are Dungeon Keeper and GTA: San Andreas, in both of which the player assumes the role of the bad guy. If anything, I would say that WoW needs more evil, I'm tired of being the hero.
    and who says the hero in warcraft is good? you stop other evil characters true, stop the world from being destroyed, both are good things, but doing a good thing doesn't make you a good person - you should know that by now.. and this is how evil people fool so many people, - true good people do good things, it is evidence of their nature, but hastily judging someone to be good purely based on an act you observe can be dangerous and open you to be deceived. Some of the most evil people i have known appear really good, and can be seen to do a lot of good, all of the good people i know do a lot of good and also appear good,tho a few of them sometimes do the occasional bad thing. In wow, just to illustrate my point, i could have killed Arthas to stop him from killing me, saved the world from deathwing because not doing so would have destroyed me, doesn't make me good, though for sure it makes me a hero in the eyes of the denizens.

    secondly, it is very twisted to be the one to want to go around doing evil, be the one seeking to destroy the world and others, yet a lot of people do this every day, just because they love someone doesn't make them good either! that confuses a lot of people - no one that is truly is alive is void of some good in them or the ability to do a good thing, that does not make them good however. Another common misconception by the masses who love to pat themselves on the back and believe they are good people because they love something or can appreciate good things or occasionally do them. It is normally a "let myself feel good" ploy without actually making any real effort o have a true change of heart about my entire character. However, not to despair, it can be the key to them becoming good if they follow that conviction. This is why your church pastor or priest will tell you that your fellow man is not the enemy - fight evil, evil thoughts, evil actions not people - a t least that is how christian philsophy goes "hate sin, not the sinner" - i'm sure you've herd that. There is good in this world, both good deeds, and actually good people, and good always wins even though sometimes or in some cases to some people it seems to seldom do that.

    warcraft doesn't portray much good at all, it pretends there is but there isn't really. it would be better if in warcraft you had the option of going around intentionally causing as much evil as possible, as an option, funnily enough swtor has this option if you choose dark side choices, but then its light side choices are actually truly good, so you can choose to be a good character in that game or not.

    you don't have that option in wow, you have a set script you play towards, and in that script, you are a hero, but there is nothing in it that shows you as being good. A case for being not evil exists for sure but you'd have a much harder time showing you are actually good. Fortunately for you, you can role play good.

    and for you jahasfrat, you can role play evil
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