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    Bag space what are you doing? Stop! What fills your Bags?

    Hellow everybody.
    Surely you noticed that you are propably running out of Bag space, but how come? Tell us what is in your bags, I'll start with mine.

    Being a Hunter which is a pure DPS Class so there is no "Off Spec" Gear but there is PvE and PvP so either way a Gear set is occuptying the Initial Space, right after the Hearthstone. I also have a "fun/roleplay" gear set partially to log out with it in order to troll people who attempt to inspect me via armory and partially to fool around during raid breaks or while waiting for late raiders to Show up, complete with *important* Items like The 1 Ring and the 2 Ring Set, the two Trinkets which summon Hentai Tentacles, and the Armageddon sword to mock Warriors who crave it oh so badly.

    The next things would be profession stuff like Alchemy Stone and Perk-Flask, Anvil and Blacksmithing Hammer for Engineering and also some Engineering doodads like Mailbox, RepairBot, Gift Bot, and Portals to Pandaland, Northrend, and Outland which I all use frequently to visit Raids in the old continents or hunt for Rares in Pandaland. Also I have a fishing Lure and hat, and I have the cloak for portalling to the Faction main city and the Dalaran Ring for Dalaran Portals.

    Then I have some useful Doodads like the "Player-dismount" for people of the opposite faction who will get what's coming for them after they kill my levelling alts with their LV90ies, the Druidless Symbiosis Item for foreveralones to run the new Solo Scenario faster and the Amber Trap item which removes aggro from Mobs who are being tagged accidentally during dailies and some useless Doodads like a Fireworks Launcher, the Yak summon Item, and some transform Items like an Ogre costume or the spectral mirror.

    The nest Part are Raid Utility Items:HP and Stats Buff Items for when we miss Classes who give those, DPS Flasks and Potions for normal Raids and Healing Potions for when Healers end up doing what is usually my role: failing.
    And also Food: Expensive 300 Stats Food, Raid Feasts, poor man's 250 stats Food, and useless Cata Feast cause someone made too many back in Cata.

    For last I have dailies stuff:Motes of Harmony, Plow, Seeds, and the Portal Item for our Thunder Island. I have also 7 Slots allocated to random weak Food&Drink which drop from Pandaland Mobs because it was lame to Mount up waste ten seconds searching for them in the bags for vendoring them after every other couple of minutes, and some Lockboxes of which I wait until I get ten or so and then ask Rogues to open them.

    So what do you think? Is there many useless stuff or maybe do my bags even miss something important despite being nigh-full and their size being maxed out to epic 28Slot Bags in every Bag Slot. Discuss

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    You have a lot of random crap you could vendor/AH or put in the bank. Just don't be too lazy to empty your bags when they get full like that.

    Also you can destroy the plow. All of the farming tools reappear on the farm when you destroy them.

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    My bags with me? Mostly toys from questing and other events, raid consumables, now a few slots from Isle of Thunder quest stuff (ritual stones et al)... weapons for my wrathguard, lol. That's 15 slots there D: I have around 10 slots for picking up stuff while questing and such. I also have junk that I mail to alts and mail back, generally toys that are not BOP (Elune stones, old great feasts that I love placing around, etc.) The vast majority is toys and vanity items.

    My bank? Transmog gear. Lots of it. Anything non-soulbound I need to store goes to my hoarding alt.

    Some comments on some of the stuff you have in case you were looking to free up space (which I know you didn't say you were, but if you don't mind me pitching in anyway): Most of that stuff I find other uses for. I mail BOEs off to my enchanter alt or vendor them. Any soulbound gear I won't use gets vendored. Any crafting materials, old or new, that are non-soulbound is either mailed to my bank alt or my storage alt. Any junk items get auto-sold thanks to an addon whenever I interact with a vendor. Some stuff that's better to sell in stacks I mail to an alt (for example, mailing any cloth of any level to my tailoring alt) until I get a full stack, then it goes to my bank alt. All in all I'm pretty space efficient, considering how many toys I have. My only real problem is hoarding transmog gear that I'm sure I'll never use...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rivin View Post
    You have a lot of random crap you could vendor/AH or put in the bank. Just don't be too lazy to empty your bags when they get full like that.

    Also you can destroy the plow. All of the farming tools reappear on the farm when you destroy them.
    I do Vendor that, even vendoring all Greys automatically but when Killing 2 Rares or running a Daily Hub and a Dungeon the Vendor Greens just reappear. Even stopped using Potion of Luck due to no space despite it being a Profit maker. And as for the Plow I feel like sacrificing one Slot is more convenient than Picking the Plow up every day and then dragging it out of the Bags for destruction afterwards.

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    As a Paladin: Ret PvE/PvP, Holy PvE/PvP and prot PvE gear, gathering stuff, tools (BS hammer/mining pick), consumables, fun items... Too much stuff.

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    I'm a Hunter and I keep my PvP set in the bank. Also your organization is just way out of control, and vendor some of the random crap. Get rid of stupid stuff like lockboxes that are basically worthless.

    But yea mostly the vendoring thing. So much crap in your bag. I have somewhere around 110ish bag slots total and always have around 45-60 after vendoring crap I don't keep in it.

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    A lot of that stuff in your bag can go in your bank or sent to an alt. Things like the thorium or lockboxes don't really need to be in your bags unless you're using them right at that moment. As far as your rp gear goes, that's your choice to carry, but realize that takes up about half of one of your bags by itself.

    My hunter has 26, 24x2, and 22 slot bags, and I'm currently sitting at 39 open slots. I carry my pvp gear on me, and my backpack is full with various profession, utility, and transform items. I also have things like seeds and rep items for Tillers I've yet to use, and some stat food and banquets.
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    You are lucky, there's still space in that bag, and you can sell crap to get more space. As a paladin, I am stuck with hardly any bag space. Carrying 1 Holy Set, 1 Holy PvP Set, forced to carry 1 transmog set due to Void Storage and Bank being full. And then I still have small things I use daily, like Jeeves, Blingtron, my apprentice and so on. Average, I have 6 empty slots.

    My bags are, 26, 2x24 and 22.
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    OP, get a Gnomish Army Knife, it replaces every other tool you need for Engineering (hammer, adjuster, etc).

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    Raid consumables, offspec gear, misc

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    Oh my thanks for the Gnomish Army Knife Suggestion. I had it already for when I boost lowbees to have a rez in Addition to MAss Rez and Combat rez.

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    Retri and holy pve set+ pvp gear.
    mining pick.
    Eng stuff like repair bot, mailbox, bombs,etc .
    Mats that I have gather while i was moving from place to place.
    Teleport items to every corner of the world and i do have allot of this items.
    fun items.
    Back up gems and enchats/enchat mats for when items drop in raids.
    Flask and other consumables.
    And a 1h and shield tank ietms

    And done there leaves me 10-15 bag space :X
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