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    [H] Arthas-US <Imperium> 10m 4/6 HMSV, 3/12 ToT LF a Tank (495ilvl Min)

    <Imperium> lvl 25 is a horde guild on US-Arthas server (EST server) is recruiting to replace a 500ilvl DK tank for our primary 10m raid team that can no longer raid. We raid Mon/Tues/Wed 9-12 server time (EST). We are a skilled and mechanically sound raid group that enjoys raiding and having fun, but still kill bosses. Our guild also has a second 10m raid team that is being put together, though no move to 25m will be forthcoming.

    Our progression is
    4/6H MSV
    3/12 ToT (Working on Tortos)

    We are recruiting
    Prot Warrior
    Prot Pally
    Blood DK

    We are not looking for a Guardian druid or Brewmaster monk. Must have a minimum ilvl of 495, preferably 500+.

    We expect our raiders to come to the fight knowing the mechanics and watching strategy video's if necessary for new fights. We expect our raiders to research their classes and do everything they can to play to the best of their ability. While we raid at a semi-casual schedule, we still expect progression, even on our wipe attempts. We are always striving to do better and expect any new members to have the same attitude.

    We have an excellent raid atmosphere, with our raiders all getting along. We believe that not only skill, but getting along and enjoying each other's company is part of what makes a succesful raid. We don't call people out or act like jerks in our raids. If something needs to be brought to someone's attention, we will do it in private chat or in a different channel on mumble.

    As a raid group, we like getting loot, obviously, but we see loot as a means to an end. We are happy killing bosses and our view on loot reflects that. We run a loot council system with our 3 officers deciding who gets what, based on several factors, such as how much of an upgrade it is for a person, whether it's a 2pc or 4pc set bonus, and how much it will improve the raid. That being said, our members recognize this and will often pass on loot to others because the stat weights are better for that class or the other person needs it more. We have had ZERO loot drama and we will do what we need to to keep it that way.

    Our guild bank is well stocked, we supply all flasks, potions, feasts and repairs for our raiders. That being said, we expect our raiders to contribute materials to the guild bank to ensure it stays stocked.

    We also have several casual pvpers and will do bg's together, and hopefully do a few rbg's.

    If this all sounds like a place you would like to raid, please feel free to PM me on here or add me to battletag at shen#1874
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    bumping to the top. We need a tank for Tuesday! Doing ToT!

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    We are now 3/12 ToT, working on Tortos. Still recruiting a Prot Pally, Prot Warrior or Blood DK.

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    Bumping to the top. We will down Tortos Monday (had 10% wipe on Wed)

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    Bumping to the top. We still need a tank for monday!

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