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    Post [Resto] Encounter tips


    seeing that there are lot of guides for encounters in ToT, I decided to make one for resto shamans (I haven't seen this here yet). I am (currently) 9/12 normal (5/12 on 25, rest 10), so my advices will be based on this.

    Not really a problem here, if you are under-healing, just pick up elemental mastery and PET. Keep healing rain on the edge of the zone, and save CDs for lightning storm. I use EM + SLT + Ascendance + FET empower on first and EM + HTT + EET with 4000int pot on second.

    Pretty boring fight for a healer, apart from first gate (dispell on CD, drop HTT when there are few undispelled dots, and just roll riptide with healing wave.
    You can dispell curses on a last gate, so make use of it When boss comes (that big guy, not dinosaur), use CD for every shout. I use only SLT for first, ascendance on second and HTT on third (we usually have 3)

    We are going with the zerg tactic (kill Sul ASAP), so nothing much to heal there. Sometimes boss manages to "enrage" (100 energy), so save CDs for these. On first "enrage", I use HTT, if the raid is still dying (not damaging empowered boss quickly enough) then Ascendance. Spirit link totem on melees when needed, and make a great use of chain heal.

    Things can get really messy there, so get prepared I use stone bulwark for every other stomp (80k absorb is pretty nice), and rotate CDs. On first EM + HTT, second nothing much (we got druid tranq here), third EM + Asc + SLT, fourth again nothing much (monk's revival, other CDs). Rotating elementals when I don't have any CDs up (2nd, 4th, also using SBT here). Keep riptide on bat tank.

    First fight where we can really shine
    I am using spirit flask and food here (14k spirit), because it's really needed here.
    During normal phases, just keep healing rain on melee, spam HW on tank and chain heal when meteor lands.
    During rampage, I rotate CDs in following way:
    1st EM+EET
    2nd Ascendance + SLT
    3rd EM+HTT
    4th FET (we got other healers' CDs here)
    5th EM + Ascendance + SLT
    6th EET+HTT (we have bloodlust here)

    Pop mana tide in between rampages , and during ascendance just chain heal (apart from the 5th, it can get really hard to heal, especially if you are 5-6 healing this, I use surges here). I end there first (in healing done) with ~90-100k hps.

    We haven't killed this on 25 yet (but progressed), so this will be in general for both 10s and 25s
    We are pretty good on main platform (during quills), so I don't recommend going to nests. You can alternate between your 3 CDs - HTT, Ascendance, SLT during Quills, otherwise heal tank / soaker. Nothing much to heal there if everyone kills eggs in time.

    (10 man 2 healing)
    Keep riptide + spam HW on tank, almsot nothing to heal during normal phase. In colorblind phase, I recommend dropping healing rain at blue ray (it doesn't move) and HTT when 2 or even 3 beams cross each other. When it's 3, I also pop Ascendance + SLT. If nobody messes up the laser, it should go quite smooth.
    In the beamy phase, stay in a safe spot and drop HST. If the raid is dropping (for example, they stand in zones), use SWG and chain heal. If you haven't used your CDs in colorblind phase (for example, ascendance), you can use it there, because it won't be needed in other parts of fight.

    (10 man 2 healing)
    One word: Joke. Apart from the end of the fight, when you get the 3 AoE damaging abilities at once. At 10man, I used glyph of riptide and rolled riptide on everybody who was getting damaged. Then just spammed HW, because ppl were too far apart to use CH. At 25man, I plan to healing rain the place where the most adds (and people) are and just chain heal. Pop CDs when the damage gets high. Nothing really special here, maybe just one tip - DON'T DISPELL.

    Dark Animus
    (10 man 2 healing)
    Pretty messy fight, both at the beginning and the end. We kept 2 small golems on tank and 1 on everybody else. We kill some golems at the massive golem (so that he has 36 energy) and then just activate boss. Pop HTT either during phase 1 when everyone in raid is about 50%, or during P2 when it's really healing intense. Dispell matter swap after topping that person up and make sure, that people are spread around the tank so matter swap has lower chance of swapping tank. Above 75 energy, watch boss cast bar and stop ALL casting when he casts Interrupting Jolt. I use EM at the beginning and then at the boss. I also use glyph of riptide (on 10man), so I can keep riptide rolling on my group while they are constantly getting damaged by golems. I also use stone bulwark totem at the beginning. NOTE: Don't ever use searing totem here (as a resto), it completely ignores your flameshock and, most of the time, attacks the inactive golem - more anima to deal with.

    Iron Qon
    (10 man 2 healing, haven't killed this yet, so I will post just general tips what I plan to do)
    P1 - Keep healing rain below either melee group or one of stacking groups. Pop HTT when there's boss explosion and ppl stack at the same time. Ascendance hasn't got any real use there, because of it's range.
    P2 - During tornadoes, run as the first one and drop SLT, and when people are getting out of range of SLT, just relocate it and it should expire before people leave it again. HR after you get out of the storm, save ascendance for the next phase.
    P3 - Keep healing rain on melee (he reflects damage), pop ascendance slightly before the frost-thingy explodes.
    P4 - Rotate cooldowns during fist smash. You should have HTT again here. Coordinate with other healers, and when you don't have any CDs, tell people to eat healthstones or ask for dps cooldown (guidance, embrace, smoke bomb, ...)

    Twin Consorts
    Haven't been there yet

    Lei Shen
    Haven't been there yet

    Post your own tips, if it's something I don't have in my post and it's valuable, I will of course add it

    Thanks for constructive feedback.
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    Thank you very much for sharing these information with us!

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