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    Bomb for frost mage 5.2

    With Frost Bomb providing a 100% proc rate on brain freeze. The proc rate on LB and NT being different but instant, what is the best bomb to use in which situation?
    Single target? Multiple adds? A few adds?
    Is it better to use the cast of FB on single target fights or use NT or LB on them and hope for procs?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm also interested in the answer to this. Personally I use NT for single target and am happy with the proc rate.

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    Frost bomb is the highest dps for single target/cleave/aoe. The only reason people use nether tempest is because Light of the Cosmos and Breath of the Hydra don't proc from frost bomb.

    Always use frost bomb unless you have one of those two trinkets.
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    That completely makes sense to me now! Ha! I've got H Light of the Cosmos and have been using FB. No wonder it never goes off... Derp.

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