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    Exclamation The Journey Of Leveling...

    I would like to start off by saying how much I love this game. I have been playing for almost 7 years now. People ask how you can play a single game that long and I can say with ease, "It is just that good." With that aside, I have never written on here before, but I feel like I have a concern that many others can relate to. Playing the game this long with the personality that I have requires me to level. I am not a fan of leveling, but I feel the need to experience each class every expansion. With that being said, leveling through this expansion was a nightmare since round 1. I was really excited to see you guys implement experience via battlegrounds, i have been waiting a while for that. It let to fun CTA at low levels and more frequent queues. The only problem I have with this is the difficulty of leveling via bgs 85+ or eve 70+ is rough, but doable. The question I ask is why has questing been the most efficient leveling process since I've been playing. I personally enjoy pvp more than pve. When exp in bgs came out, i personally enjoyed the ride, especially in AV! But that was eventually nerfed. Likewise with pet battle exp, people took advantage knowing blizzard would nerf the exp per win. It may have been a little overclocked, but it could've been more reasonably adjusted. Now it is worthless for exp. I think it would be less painful to level if that was more than 1 way to level, dungeons and questing. What would be the harm in making bgs worth more exp, along with making arenas (wargames or randomly assigned partners) give exp. I guess in the end, what I am asking is are you guys thinking of any more efficient ways to level without dramatically taking away from leveling time, because leveling in bgs is almost worthless at higher levels, and as a pvper I would love to enjoy learning my class in a pvp environment and would love to actually look forward to the near endgame levels.

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    Paragraphs OP, paragraphs...

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    Hoy there, long time lurker, first time poster here too. First thing I have to say to you is this: this is not Blizzards forum. You seem to be addressing this post to the Blizz devs. Your opinions certainly are valid, but my recommendation would be to copy/paste/abridge/summarize what you just wrote to the official suggestion/feedback forums. You may get lots of positive and/or negative feedback here, but it will not be Blizzard developers who see it.

    That being said... WoW has never been an entirely PvP based game, so don't expect it to be. Just because they decided to implement xp in BG's doesn't mean they want to be the end all/be all for PvPer's who want to level. They simply did it to add more variety to the leveling experience. Leveling itself goes pretty quick, especially with guild perks and heirlooms. Between questing, dungeons, and bg's, level 90 is pretty much laid out on a silver platter for you.

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