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    Most rewarding pvp class/spec.

    What would you guys say is the most rewarding class or spec in pvp without being op?

    An example of what I'm talking about just in case it isn't clear:
    Frost and Unholy Death Knights in Cata. Frost was powerful but really easy to play so anyone could get decent results whereas unholy had a bit higher skill cap so it seemed kinda bad to a lot of people but when you were good at playing Unholy it was actually really strong and rewarding.

    I'm talking for arenas/rbgs/bgs/duels.

    I've been thinking Balance Druids might take the cake right now. I never seem to encounter any Balance Druid that plays the same as the last, some I come up against are pretty hard to kill, have decent CC, and good damage, but some are very easy to kill, don't CC well, and mediocre damage. I'm only accounting for the ones with gear, so that's not the issue. So they seem to me that they're really rewarding if you can play them well, but really bad if you can't.

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    Rogues for sure, mages and priests as well.

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    Rogues, mages, shadowpriests and resto druids have the highest skill cap for sure.

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    I like mages. Frost isn't as powerful as it used to be, but it's fine, and fire, while not really that effective, is great in BGs.

    Warlocks are better than they used to be, and I love destro for PVP. Not too keen on affliction.

    I would say rogues, priests, mages and warriors tend to be solid performers. Each class has peaks and troughs, but all four of these are good picks. With other classes it's a lot more variable. Skill cap is harder to assess, but I think frost mages are fun and rewarding to play, and they are nowhere near as bad as they were in Cata now.

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    I'd say hunter and rogue have pretty high skill caps

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    Imo rogues and mages have the highest skill cap. Not because they are underpowered classes but because they have a ton of opportunities most of the time.

    Also affliction warlocks used to be really rewarding when played well. They aren't like that anymore.

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    Mage seems to best fit your criteria.

    Moonkins are good but with their team backing them up. Yes you get the odd one that can kill anyone in 1v1 but they probably duel in front of org all day most probably for the "oh shit" moments where they will get separated from their team and have to fight alone . Most classes can still own Moonkins assuming equal skill and gear
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    A feral druid is pretty rewarding and I would not even count them as op( no I did not think cyclone was op).

    Warlcoks I think are generally have been good, I can't remember one season when they have been bad.
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    Warrior for sure. Not just because of Hoodrych (aka the Boss), or Swifty either.

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    I've PvPed quite a lot with most classes and I find subtlety rogue to be the trickiest class and spec to play to its full potential,
    but once you get near the skillcap they are the most rewarding IMO.

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    I always felt that rogues, and hunters if you prefer ranged, had the highest skill caps. If I had to narrow it down to one spec, it would be subtlety.

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    OP, impress your friends by playing a holy priest or boomkin druid, they're really quite viable in pvp if played properly.

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