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    Assassination for Rogues is good in PvP once again!

    I have been playing Assassination gearing up for the season launch and it has been very fun and powerful. I am also using the two new talents which make Assassination even stronger.

    I am currently livestreaming battlegrounds and you can come see the spec in action.
    Link: --REMOVED--

    If you haven't I would suggest you try it for yourself if you haven't already!

    See you out there!
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    Its always nice to see other specs in pvp, but most people will end up playing sub due to CaD + sdance. I always liked the idea of assassination in pvp, poision them, bleed them, and just control while your DoTs wittle away their health.
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    Im personally toying with Combat, it is a load of fun, but Assassination is my off spec :P

    but yeah it puts out good numbers
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    ^^ Post your streams there. Please do not create your own threads.

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