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    Hypothetical Alternate Reality

    How different do you think our world would be if we were Immortal. Not immortal as in we can't ever die, but as in we don't age and only only die if acted on by an opposite force. Murder, falling down a cliff, shit, etc.

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    It would be a horrible place. I have no doubt about that.

    Well... Horrible as in worse than our world.

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    There would probably be population and reproduction controlling laws in place at some point, at least until space travel was perfected. I would guess death would scare people a lot more than it does here, as we know in our world everyone will die, and that sort of lessens the fear I would think. I would bet religion would be different, as far as the afterlife is concerned.
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    hard to say... would be interesting to see history go by and be apart of it but at the same time the horrors you would see, imagine being there to witness the birth and death of the world that's some crazy poo

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    I'd say it depends. Can disease still kill? if so, which kinds of disease? can people still get diseases from lifestyle choices like heart disease and diabetes? (In the cases they're caused by lifestyle) If people can get these diseases it wouldn't be any different at all since people don't just die without a reason. If there's no disease I think life would be similar to now, just with a drastically extended scope of time. Or it would be like Logan's Run, and people would just get terminated at some age.

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    There would be law that would limit your life span or we die out by over populating.
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    That would also mean all the scientists also live alot longer and given the things they can do already with limited time upon the planet, imagine the advances they could make if they were not bothered about death and just had all the time in the world to advance the race. It would be a different place, definitely. Would sickness exist as a force that can kill us or not? If there's no sickness then there'd be no focus on cures meaning we'd be more advanced in other areas.

    Obviously there'd be some kind of population limitation in place, limit the amount of children born, at a certain age you get executed etc etc. Even in a world like that though, people would obviously still kill others and probably on a similar scale, all sorts of financial problems and other such problems would still exist.

    I should stop, with these kinds of things I can go on for days and days.

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    How different do you think our world would be if we were Immortal. Not immortal as in we can't ever die, but as in we don't age and only only die if acted on by an opposite force. Murder, falling down a cliff, shit, etc.
    Then we're babies who can't take care of ourselves?

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    I think the knowledge that it would POSSIBLE to live forever would alter the human psyche. People would not seek to live in the moment as much because you have much more time on this planet. Most people try to cram as much living as they can while they are young between 18-35, before age takes them off this planet. But instead of 17 years, you get 17,000 years, or 170,000, or forever. No there is no sense of urgency. People would be more conservative, calm, and rational, trying to preserve themselves instead of dying to a stupid mistake.

    It would be a more civil and mature society. Over time, humans would probably evolve to not become sexually active until much later in life.

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    Getting the obvious out of the way; there would no doubt be strict population control. Not everyone would be allowed to reproduce, perhaps only the ones deemed "genetically superior" would be allowed.

    On the other hand, our world may just be unimaginably different. You have to take into consideration all those billions of humans that died of old age, history as we know it would be so different.
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    In this scenario, disease still exists, but diseases brough on by old age do not exist. Such as alzheimers, natural organ failure.
    I personally believe our technology and society would be advanced by about a couple hundred years, but certainly with draw backs.

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    Everybody would live underground. We'd be like Dwarves! The young dig deep and the old live on the surface. There are constant revolutions to overthrow the upworlders!
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    death would be a big deal id imagine - unless things had gotten so desperate that the murder rates went insane. we might possibly have shot some people into space by now, longevity limits would no longer be an issue. the occasional major war might be viewed as a good thing, with less emphasis on protecting civilians
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    I'm prety sure the human brain can't handle an infinite amount of data; People would start forgeting things, it could even cause mental illness and eventualy people would go crazy.

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    Life would be slower. We'd probably be a lot like the night elves. A lot of our tech advances are focused on health care and a lot of that is focused on the preservation of life. That would go away.

    I'd definitely believe we'd have some form of procreation laws in place because of our current rate of population increase. Although we also would most likely not be in a hurry to start families.

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