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    Nidhögg 15/16HM 5.1 9/12 ToT LF DPS/Healer for HEROIC progression


    Nidhögg is currently recruiting a Resto Shaman/MW Monk/Disc priest WITH DPS OFFSPEC for 5.2 to progress through heroics. We raid primarily Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 8-12 EST with cleanup days on Sunday or Monday. We are a laid back, drama free guild whose only concern is killing dragons. ( THIS IS A CORE SPOT )

    We are also recruiting a DPS Monk/Frost DK/Feral Druid ( Preferrably w/ Tank OS ) to be our 11th man ( or 6th dps. ) Our 11th man spot often comes into play on 6 dps fights and odd tank setups. Also, with the tendency of real life to occur, our 11th man frequently comes into play. This position is used as a stepping stone into a ----> main dps spot. <-----

    If this seems like a good fit for you please contact either Kneezy1337#1990 or Phazed#1409 for more information.

    Apply at:

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    Bump for this cute OFF tank <3

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