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    [Ret] Execution sentence and AOE question

    Hey guys, just want to ask about two minor areas of Ret DPS. It *may* be a bit technical, so any help appreciated!

    1. Execution sentence
    Does the DOT dynamically update with your stats? Or does it snapshot your stats?

    If it snapshots, should I be casting it on the last second of GOAK for maximum strength value? Or just use on cooldown?

    2. AOE
    AOE Rotation from Elitist Jerks: Inq > 5HP DS > LH > HoW > Exo > HotR > Judge > 3-4HP DS (> SS)

    (A) Why isn't HOTR valued higher than HOW or Exo? Wouldn't squeezing in more HOTR result in more AOE DPS?
    (B) Would Holy Avenger be better for multi-target fights than Sanctified Wrath? The rotation would be... Divine Storm > HOTR*. (Obviously if no HOTR, use a Exorcism to get 3 HoPo for Divne Storm).


    * Obviously weaving in INQ and Light's hammer beforehand.

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    I can answer your top question for you. It takes a snapshot.
    You would want to wait until your Ancient Power is at 20 stacks and use ES after you use your AW/gloves(eng).

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    Regarding Hammer of Wrath vs Hammer of the Righteous, it depends on how many targets you have - like I'm sure at 10 HOTR would probably win out.

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    Thanks for the responses so far, guys.

    Considering most people's issues with Ret aren't single target but Cleaving and AOE, I thought I'd gather a bit more discussion (and answers) from the experienced Rets on this board.

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