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    Why paid services?

    There's no such thing as an altoholic who isn't a steady subscriber (money) or high-activity player (cog for LFR/LFD's wheels). Of course, the experience is usually successively less interesting each time around. How about this:

    Upon reaching 90, a character receives a quest to retrieve an artifact. After a little Gao-Lai-style adventuring and a few thousand gold, a player is awarded an item — maybe a trinket — that is BoA and increases all XP by 20% up to max level. Here's the twist: every subsequent character to reach 90 receives the next quest in the series, and their awarded item stacks with the first. The eleventh character on the realm levels with an additional 200% to XP from start to finish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elite Peon View Post
    Ha ha ha ha ha ....I LOVE all the people saying NOOO when you can already do this and ive done it many times !! All you have to do is refer a friend your own account and boom 300% xp boost what is the difference if I just have to buy a potion ??? You people make no sense .

    Refer a friend only works up to a certain level.

    The worst offender when it comes to levelling is people with 9 85s like me, who would like to play them at max level but would have to go through the same 5 levels for all of the alts. With no level difference to shake things up.

    That's when it comes in handy.

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    I would support and buy it. After having leveled 10 characters to 85 and 6 of those to 90, I can safely say that anything to make the journey shorter would be welcome.

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    Not in subscription based games. Yes in sub-free games.

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    Most definately yes.. I have 14 toons 7 of them at 90.. and would love a boost through the MoP zones.. and yes I would pay for it

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    There kind of is one, Recruit-a-friend.

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    Sure I would.

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    Fu*king hell yes. I hate leveling, especially 85-90.

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    Its not that big a deal... RaF already does this until level 80, selling an item that works to 85 and makes it less of a hassle (don't have to play with RaF partner) doesn't seem like a big deal. It won't happen for current expansion leveling because they so desperately want it to be relevant even though Pandaria was boring the first time through and I'm sure won't be better in subsequent leveling.

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    I don't support anything you have to pay extra for in a sub based game.

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    And if it happened you can eat your hat that other things would follow. WoW would become a grand scale smart phone game where you just buy gold, mithril, coins, tickets or whatever you help you get more lazy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keny View Post
    While XP boost Is a minor thing, things like that can develop Into SHITLOAD of other things, and NO ONE wants a game where you can pay to get Achivs/Rep/Replica for mogs/ And other things, so please... NO TY, now close thread.

    Please red full comment next time
    You literally just reposted the same thing you said, only in bold. That is a slippery slope fallacy, I suggest you look into it. Yes, I can read. I suggest you to do the same.

    It's amazing how many people are employing the same fallacies in their responses.

    Since they are, I pose the question: They've already sold non-combat pets, they've already sold mounts, and they haven't 'resorted' to selling EPIX, why would they do so after this?
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    Of course yes.

    You should include another vote option, as there are always players that do not want something for themselves, BUT at the same time they also do not want anybody else to have it!

    There are two progression paths in WoW at the moment:

    - Skill
    - Time

    I'm totally fine with the "skill" path, if you're better you should achieve more than others. The second option seems to be somewhat unfair, as we all know "time = money". There are people who can throw around time all day long, for whatever reason they have five or ten times more of it than others. They get rewarded even if their skill is zero. It's fine, but open up the $$$ path too.
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    Yep, would happily pay for it but would prefer it to be a passive reward you can toggle on/off after you level 5 90's. Currently have a Ret (Server First), Rogue, Lock, Warrior, Priest and Mage. Of the four I play; Ret, Warrior, Priest and Mage, 3 are fully geared in Honor gear and the Ret is at 484 ilvl (Stopped raiding ~3 months ago). I'd love to have more characters to play with in PvP, since the best way to understand the strengths and weaknesses of every class is to have experience playing them all to some degree.

    I'd also pay an reasonable sum of money to let me use that annoying as hell to obtain Elixir (Which is still camped on Anachronos-EU(Dead server) and Outland-EU(Kinda goes without saying)) to work beyond level 84.
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    if it costs $30 per character, making it exactly like the other paid services, optional and yet you'll pay for it steeply

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    Blizzard should NOT add anything to the game that you have to buy for money to boost your char.

    If they do that without going free to play. I am out!

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    I wouldn't use it, but I'm fine with someone else wanting speed up their leveling process.
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    idk, paid sounds stupid, but something easy to get, easier than that flask... let's say daily quest, that gives you 300% for 1-2 hours would be nice.
    OR even better - make farming bg's just as good or even slightly better than grinding quests. PvP doesn't get boring, same quests sure does.

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    im more inclined to go down the long quest (gold sink) to get this kinda thing.

    they were giving ppl was it lvl 80 boosts to come back to wow so thats more or less the same thing and the technology is in place to do crazy stuff with chars levels

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    I don't really see a problem with it, especially if it has other stipulations about requiring you to hit max level first or what not, once you've leveled a certain amount of toons leveling more becomes very tedious...

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