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    Quote Originally Posted by Shamburger View Post
    We'd have no community left..... Only 5-10% of the population are actual competent players.
    I think the number of competent player is higher than that, maybe even as high as 30-40%. But having competence does not validate ability, which is where time and dedication comes in. I was one of those people until about 18 or so months ago where i decided to really get more into my class, understanding different classes and how they interact in a raid environment. When you take out part two, time spent to delve into the game and your toon, only about 10% are left to perform at reasonably high levels (heroic raiding). And to take it one step further, under 5% are competing into the 'world' scene.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scorpioz View Post
    .... through temple of the jade serpant to get new gear and was kicked for having low dps i was below tank...
    This is your issue, not a dps meter issue. If you can't beat the tank in a level 86 dungeon when you are almost 90.... wow. There is a entire set of crafted blue 415s and a reforge vendor who will get you enough preparedness to have the capacity of doing 20k+. The rest is how well you play your character...Sorry, but true.
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    Quote Originally Posted by greysaber View Post
    this is a true statement. games with no meters are quite relaxing and much more team/cooperation oriented. it gets old sometimes, though. Sometimes you long for the days of pewpewtopthemeterslookatme. i was always obsessed with my dps and i was always on top, no matter which class/spec i played. it's an addiction.
    Different games are different. Games which don't support addons or have combat logs have more runs which disintegrate in my experience when people reach a roadblock. It's true that WoW players use "kick that guy" as a solution too quickly but if we asking, which the OP is, should we get rid of tools which can improve our performance or just change the game so it's easier to hide bad play because people's feelings get hurt then I know which way I vote. At least in WoW finding a replacement, and another group for the kicked member, is fairly painless in comparison to these other games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ktperry View Post
    Do you even play a ret pally? If i recall when i ding'd 90, i pretty much could do 20-28k on boss fights, going YOLO with all cd's in the book..
    Yes I have one. And while you dinged 90, OP was almost 90, aka 88-89. Not 90.
    And seriously if you can pull 20k, does it really matter if someone does 15k. 5k difference man, you're YOLOing here for real.
    Quote Originally Posted by Pie Eater View Post
    Have you read the planned frost mage "nerfs" ?!? It's like nerfing a hangman's rope by coloring it blue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scorpioz View Post
    I wish Blizz would ban dps metres, for a example i was a nearly level 90 pally not very good geared as i wanted to start dungeons to get gear to raid, so was happily going through temple of the jade serpant to get new gear and was kicked for having low dps i was below tank and druid dps if i recall, but here is my problem dont you have to gear to get better gear to higher your dps i have to say it put me off doing dungeons and just do scenerios now i never had this problem in tbc or lich king instances
    No. It isn't the meters fault you were kicked, it was the people who kicked you's fault that they're intolerable morons. I did about 20 heroics yesterday on the character you can see in my signature with my girlfriend and another friend ( MW monk and Disc priest) and often i would do 80% of the groups over all dps as an arms tank, with the MW being second, we kicked two people. A ret paladin who ninja'd a healer trinket and a warlock who ninja pulled, didn't soulstone, got us all killed and then didn't release and run back.

    Also, you can't just ban an entire addon some people actually do well at DPS in raids based around addons like that. If you put up a poll i'm sure it would be pretty 50/50 if the options were (do more dps with recount disabled) or (do more dps with recount enabled).

    TL;DR Blame the human not the addon. The addon doesn't kick you, humans do.

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    It's like saying "Ban the guns" because it's obviously the guns kill people, not people kill people. /sarcasm

    But seriously, there is no problem with the meters. It's a problem with people. BAN THE PEOPLE.

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    The gear is important but so is your rotation and priority. Play your class correctly and you won't run into this problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuppy View Post
    Yes I have one. And while you dinged 90, OP was almost 90, aka 88-89. Not 90.
    And seriously if you can pull 20k, does it really matter if someone does 15k. 5k difference man, you're YOLOing here for real.
    an 88 would do more damage than a 90 in the same gear.

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    Even in full greens, you can do good dmg, like 50k on a boss or so (with the 15% dmg buff from 5mans). I'm guessing you were doing 20 or 30k, which makes the whole run much slower for those were you with. That's why they kicked you.

    These days, people are pressed for time greatly, so they want their dungeons to be fast. They don't want to carry someone who is most autoattacking, or partly afk etc.

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    There's no reason you can't go into your first heroic and do 30-35k with a 15% damage buff. Even if you buy all the 408 green gear from the vendor you should be close to 35k, and any quest gear should put you well above it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tziva View Post
    The problem isn't the DPS meters, the problem is assholes.
    Yep, people are very quick to look at a number and judge you, they won't take into account your gear, spec, or hell, even the fact that you might just be a new player and still mastering your class, they don't care about that, if you aren't hitting the number they think you should be, then you automatically suck, all other factors are ignored.

    And that's their problem, yes you are going to come into situations where you will be kicked, or ridiculed for it, but you know you are doing the best you can with what you have, just ignore them, unless they have something useful, there's no harm in listening to someone criticize you if they actually have useful advice for you.

    In the end, removing dps meters would not solve the issue, the assholes would still be there and they would find alternate means to be assholes, like assholes always do.

    Carry on as you are, and try to surround yourself more often with people you like/trust.

    Quote Originally Posted by want my Slimjim View Post
    You don't stand next to someone and speak In Spanish in an uncrowded area. Thats not a freedom concept.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crushima View Post
    Even in full greens, you can do good dmg, like 50k on a boss or so (with the 15% dmg buff from 5mans).
    50k in greens as a fresh 90?
    yeah don't think that's possible outside of maybe blowing all CDs for 15s

    due to how the scaling works your mastery/crit/hit/haste/etc all plummet when you hit 90 while you still in quest gear with possible 87 trinkets and other low level quest gear you can barely reforge to meet the dungeon hit and exp cap, much less go into offensive secondary stats, plus complete lack of gem slots on that gear and no one going to enchant questing greens means 20-25k is the max of what you should expect from a fresh 90 in your group, with buff*

    *that seems to be gone now, or is this just on eu realms?
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    depends on how much lower your dps was, and if it would be possible that u could've done more dps the gear you had and the grp maby thought "if he dosent even try to play at his best then why should we boost him?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Idoru View Post
    When I hit 90 the DPS calculator showed my optimal DPS at 25K, and I could easily do 23-24K on the dummies.
    Yet people would rage-quit from scenarioes (which are made for fresh 90's for gods sake) because I wasn't doing 50K or more.
    You shouldn't be rolling into Heroics and Scenarios doing 25K DPS. You obviously gamed the item level requirement. Such kicks are well deserved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nindoriel View Post
    I was talking about MMOs, but ok, in the MMOs I've played that hasn't happened to me. But if you're saying, you wipe and you have no idea why, then that doesn't sound like a DPS issue. You have DPS issues when everything is going fine and then the time runs out and everything explodes. Usually that should happen when enrages are involved and when the boss is almost dead.
    Eh? No. High dps makes everything easier in almost every circumstance. There does not have to be any sort of enrage for dps to be relevant.

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    I would like to see 50k dps from a fresh green DD. When i dinged 90 on my enh shammy, i did 30k DPS (45k burst!) with blue 450 weapons, on a fire mage it was much worse (20-50k depends on luck) and warrior never dropped below 40k (bladestorm ftw!).

    And if you have in group two 500ilvl DDers, it's hard to show off good DPS as a fresh toon, pack of mobs die in 10 seconds. Same goes for boss fights. Some classes (esp casters) can't even start up, throwing 1 flamestrike and 2 fireballs on 1 thrash pack? Fuck yes! It will count for at least 15k DPS!

    Today i due qued with my wife in random dungeon, we have got mogu shan palace, i am 480ilvl mage, and she is 450 hunter (408 bow), after chain pulled 3 packs, healer started blaming hunter for low DPS (24k), i had 88k and random rogue had 18k. We ignored him, at first boss i had 48k, hunter 31k (dead pet as BM hunter sucks) rogue 28k (died in the middle, where mage-mogu starts sucking everyone in) that healer paladin (502 ilvl) 18k DPS. He again started complaining about hunter DPS, and i pointed at him dropping hunters pet and rogue. He answered that he is not going to heal scrubs and he is doing more DPS on his hunter than we all, and healing pets is hunters job, not his (pet died due to aggroing first mogu before tank who was afk/lagging for ~10 seconds and again on 3rd mogu on the same cause). We kicked that prick before pulling last boss, he was calling us scrubs and yelling at us, tank died 3 times because he was doing damage...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Divine Path View Post
    Threads like these are good for identifying players with an Elitist Mentality.

    The "you must have X DPS or don't bother playing the game LOL" crowd is a disease in this game.
    Seriously. A whole lot of people commenting on this thread? You have bad, hate-filled attitudes, and you should feel bad, too. Stop pretending you're not elitists and not selfish. Because, honestly? A lot of you are, and a lot of you are the problem with this game's toxic community.

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    Perhaps the middle ground is a meter that monitors activity rather than dps. It would show who is trying and who isn't, without it being about what the meter hound thinks your dps should be.

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    No, I think just the opposite. They should implement them into the game.

    When I am running a dungeon with guild mates, we're pretty objective. If we're running a group with some guy that is overgeared and he's doing 50% or more DPS, then it's time to just ignore the DPS meter. Same as if we've got a healer who's doing some DPS on the side.

    But if we run a dungeon and everything's going smoothly, yet there's some guy who's pulling barely 5% DPS, and when we watch him he's just standing there most of the time, then he's out of there. We'll vote kick him or let him die the moment we got a chance. If someone's pulling DPS a little higher, like anywhere from 8%-12% we usually inspect them to find out. If they're geared well we watch what they're doing. If they're poorly geared we just assume they're here for the gear and leave them alone. If they're geared out in good gear, then it's pretty much at our leisure. If the person's causing any issues, we've got some justification to get rid of them. If they're minding their own business, we let them stick around.
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    I don't know about this topic. I see a lot of people saying that one who pulls 25k in a dungeon shouldn't be there. I don't exactly think that is a fair statement. Everyone has to start somewhere. And until blizzard just gives people gear that are adequate enough for grouped content without have to actually participate in that content to get the gear, there is not much one can do. I myself do pretty low dps on my warrior, and I don't think its fair to be criticized for that when I spend a lot of time reading forums and guides on how to better my game play. When an individual is doing all that they are capable of doing to try and better themselves there is no reason that anyone should try to belittle or judge that person. Besides, in a LFD, most occasions you don't know the person in that group. They don't know how much effort a player is or isn't putting in. Until they are actually certain how much effort is actually being put in, they have no room to judge someone based on their performance. Now, if a player is being voted to be kicked out because he's afking for parts of the fight or ignoring trivial mechanics of a fight that is different. But, if the other players notice that the person with low dps is keeping up with everyone, is standing out AOE or, avoiding damage that is avoidable, or just doing what he or she is supposed to on that fight he shouldn't be punished for trying his all.
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