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    Help: my Health Funnel has gone (Affliction spec only) ...

    After 3 months of break, I've started playing wow again via 10 days of free time. I've noticed that Health Funnel has gone for my Aflliction spec only. It doesn't exist in my spell book any more, so I can't put it on my spell bar. As Destro i have it, but my affl instead get an icon for Soulburn; Health Funnel, which looks the same as normal HF, but it is passive and I can't move it on spell bar. Any suggestions what should i do? Becouse now i can't use HF, neither add soulburn to my non existing HF

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    did you spec soul link ? it replaces health funnel now

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    Soul Link replaces Health Funnel, if you don't have sl idk.

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    Oh, that is it ... ty

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