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    Frost Down time

    I have been thinking about rolling a new death knight on horde side, but am worried about downtime during the fight (i.e. no runic power and all runes on cd)

    Obviously, as we will be playing in frost presence, we also loose alot of the hase we got in cata by playing in unholy presence. Now, i have been hitting the training dummy with my haste reforged 85 dk on alliance side and the downtimes seemed to be quite high (been using runic empowerement, might get better with blood tap).
    While they might be unavoidable, they didnt bother me in cata as much as they do now. Probably its just me and downtimes are not as bad as i think.

    Could anyone share their experience with downtimes @90 in preraid / t14 / t14hc gear levels? Guess it should be better for haste refored 2h-frost, but am also interested in masterfrost etc.

    Also, coolest horde dk race? tend to roll maleOrc for all plate needs, but wanted to mix it up a bit. Unfortunately, all other races look retarded in plate gear (except for mayb blood elfs, but no!), so only other option might be femOrc :<

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    As dw frost you pretty much don't have any empty gcds on a lot of encounters because of the free runic power we get from anti magic shell.

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    You shouldnt really have a problem with down time after like 470 ilvl, there is a slight difference in Dual-wield and 2 handed. If you pick 2 handed you have to reforge in to Haste, if you go Dual-wield you reforge into mastery. Blood tap is only better when you hit the 495 ilvl+ (you will be able to stack it faster, beacuse of higher haste)

    Dual-wield: Exp<- Hit<- Mastery<- Crit<- Haste
    2-handed: Exp<- Hit<- Haste<- Crit<- Mastery

    And the coolest Horde DK race is absolutely MaORC

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    Hmm. I'm 480ilvl dual wield and blood tap already works better than RE.
    If you know how to manage your runes, there should not be any downtime, even as 2h. for me atleast :P

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    DW almost never has any...I mean damn I have a hard time sometimes finding a good spot for ERW, you gotta go balls out perfect to make sure to spend everything quick enough not to waste part of BT DW IMO

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    Cool! thanks for the answers. Off to my new DK :O

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    You don't have a lot of downtime if you use Blood Tap and your runes/RP correctly (not that being "that guy", it's actually true). Like someone already said, you sometimes don't even need to use Empower Rune Weapon (although you still should since it's a dps increase)

    It takes practice getting used to BT if you've never used it before, but it's worth it.

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    Just switched to BT myself, from using RE... Still confused on a few things, should I keep an Unholy Rune up at all times just like RE incase i need to Oblit? Or should I just keep all runes on CD? Ilvl 505, 54% haste unbuffed.

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