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    Death Knight Weapon Confusion.

    I'm currently MS Blood, using Starshatter as my weapon.

    The other day I looted raid finder Shin'Ka from Sha.

    The Starshatter has been upgraded to ilvl 497, but since I looted Shin'ka after 5.1 it remains at ilvl 483.

    My OS is also Frost.

    These are the reforges etc for Starshatter -

    - Upgraded twice to 497
    - Swordshattering Enchant
    - Crit reforged to Mastery

    With these factors, I want to know what weapon suits what spec best.

    I figured that Starshatter easily beats Shin'ka as a DPS weapon, but that would mean I'd lose my Swordshattering runeforge and I'd be losing the 362 mastery from the reforge if I were to reforge it as a Frost weapon.

    Shin'ka would presumably be a better tank weapon because it has 723 mastery, but this is at a cost of a bit over 200 stamina and the 2000 weapon damage.

    The weapon damage loss gives me the feeling that it's far worse of a DPS weapon.

    If this were 5.1, I'd happily upgrade Shin'ka fully and run with that and have Starshatter as an OS weapon, but it remains at a rather low ilvl.

    Currently I'm using Starshatter with tanking reforges, enchants etc as both a MS weapon and OS weapon. Once I have the time I'll see if I can test my DPS, but I'm not at my PC right now so I can't do that easily. So, for now, some input on the situation would be much appreciated

    I'll also mention that I have my 500 strength gem handy. I won't be running ToES normal/HC again since I simply do not have the time to attend that raid as well as my guilds ToT raids, so saving it for normal/HC Shin'Ka just isn't an option.

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    Shinka is more tank, starshatter dps.
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    I have the heroic starshater, and the raid finder shinka, and the ax is still better.

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    Unless you really need the minor survivability boost go with Starshatter.
    Quote Originally Posted by skribzy View Post
    I have the heroic starshater, and the raid finder shinka, and the ax is still better.
    No way....
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