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    GotSS Challenge Mode

    Hi guys,

    I'm after some tips about dealing with the first trash pull in Gate of the Setting sun challenge mode. Last night we were pulling everything up to the 1st bosses room and grouping them up on the stairs then aoe'ing them down with a bloodlust. This was working fine for the first half of the evening but then we started suffering from huge amounts of bombs getting dropped in such a way as to make the explosions unavoidable (they were literally covering the whole steps with explosions).

    Does anyone have any good tactics for avoiding the bombs more effectively? Add positioning etc. I get the feeling we were lucky enough to be doing something right by accident early on which we then stopped doing later..


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    Hey Stormhelm.
    The stairs in general seem too be tho most comfortable place to nuke them down. We pulled them to one of the sides of the stair and just stacked. It is possible to survive 1-2 explosions hitting your group with defensive cooldowns i rarely encountered more than 2 hitting us at the same time. You'll still need some luck though, but fortunately the lucky-part is right at the beginning.

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    We are pulling everything but the last pack at the bottom of the stairs and focus down the Demolishers first then pull the last pack and tank it in the left handside corner. When all of the Demolishers are down we bring the rest of the mobs into the room and pull the boss.

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