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    My hearthstone has been in the exact same spot in my bag for 7 years

    Today I noticed something quite amazing, since the very first day I made my shaman, about 7 years ago, my Hearthstone (at least to my knowledge) Has never moved once.

    It's in the exact same position it was in my bag from the very start of the game, has never been moved or replace, it's only ever been right clicked on or dragged to an action bar.

    Just struck me as something funny, what about you guys, do you guys move your HS in your bag?
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    ElvUI's "Sort Bags" function tends to do that.

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    I move it from its original position (top left first bag) to bottom right first bag, and there it stays.

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    Replace 7 with 6+, and it describes me.

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    Mine has also stayed in the same top left corner of the first bag, on all characters. Funny, I never thought of it.

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    I always keep mine in top left corner of my last bag, only time it moves is when I obtain a new bag.
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    Just tried moving mine. It won't move, because it's become part of my bag.

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    Same position in the same bag across all of my toons. Never moved.
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    its all crusty from the random enchanting dust thats been on it with oozling goo and what not...

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    This is like saying "I've parked my car in the same place for 7 years" since I never changed houses...

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    Since I began, my HS was always in the 1st slot of my 4th bag and never moved. However, since I've had elvui, It's been moved :/

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    think this takes the cake on most uninteresting post I have ever seen. yet, i must comment

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    Mine has always been there too, although technically i did delete it and replace it with the Dwarf Archy stone...same place though, 7 years on

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    Every single item in all my bags has it's own little place it never moves from.

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    Maybe it's time for the heartstone to be turned into a spell.

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    Mine used to be in the same original spot of the backpack for a couple of years until I realized it is kinda smarter to put it in the last spot of the last bag.

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    You mean there are people who do move the hearthstone?
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    All of my toons hearthstones never leave the top left corner in the first bag. Ever. Well, my mage on a realm I no longer play. But I replaced it with the Innkeeper's Daughter.

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    I deleted him : /

    I never used him on my shaman, especially after I've got the Inkeeper's Daughter.
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    Does the Innkeeper's Daughter count as a hearthstone? Otherwise this is no longer my case

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