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    Best way to progress?

    Hi, my guild have cleared whole Mogu'shan Vaults on normal (pre 5.2), and now after 5.2 it was faceroll with the debuff on the bosses. Yesterday we took 4/6 HoF normal (with debuff) pretty easily, we only struggled on Garalon since it took some time for the ranged to get used to kiting him, and Windlord we were 1 second from berserk. We had low dps on Ambershaper, so we didn't get so far on that one, but we're going to try tonight.

    I as the raidleader was thinking a bit how we should do to get the best progress, I am thinking of trying MsV on HC, and maybe the first boss in ToT, is MsV hard on HC now with the debuff, or is it doable with our group? Almost all have 480+ ilvl except one that still pull out much dps. I the maintank (BrM monk) have 490 ilvl.

    Are there any bosses that we can take out easily in MsV HC? Kinda like people used to do in ICC with Gunship, selecting a few bosses for HC.

    Thanks for taking your time to read this.

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    With the 10% nerf, stone guards, feng, gara'jal and elegon should be very easy in HC. Should not be too much harder than normal was say 1-2 months ago.
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    Do absolutely NOT go for mogushan hc. It's a waste of time, and bosses can be moderately difficult if people do not know what they are doing. If terrace is open for you (dunno if they changed it) you should go there. If not, you should go rest of HoF, terrace and then jump into ToT. Keep in mind at that point there will have been lfr open for some weeks, so people should quickly get geared.

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    Try to get 1st boss in ToT - its stupidly easy (really really easy)

    Ambershaper is mechanics, not dps. We cocked around once trying to stack the boss for about 3 min and still beat berserk. Work the mechanics and the boss will die. If you can kill Grand empress then ToES opens and should be easier than HoF.

    From here Feng should be a gimme hc fight and possibly garajal and elegon since the changes are minimal.

    Also, try to get a lei shen key from the new isle (or w/e its called) it will net you at least 10 elder charms to help you gear faster in t14.

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    As others have said, try first boss of ToT. Maybe even farm trash as far as you can to get your rep up. For people still in the previous tier, 522 ilvl valor items and maybe a couple of boss drops should make a tremendous difference.

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    Definitely kill the first ToT boss , he still drops 522 and it's really easy. Also you should definitely go into msv hc. The dogs , feng , gara'jal and elegon shouldn't pose too much of a challenge now considering your gear and the debuff.
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    go ToT, farm trash until it stops giving you rep, then kill 1st boss and you should be friendly. this gives access to neck ring bracers and trinket ilvl 522. you CAN kill the first boss

    that will help gear you while you push for some progress in terrace. i think you will struggle a bit on horridon until your 495 average ish

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    Farm HoF and ToES for a bit before going in to ToT. There should be a ton of upgrades in HoF normal and ToES normal for groups that weren't farming them pre-5.2. I'm sure you can do ToT with ilevels in the 480-490 range, and you can probably kill the first boss. But you're going to need people to be wearing mostly ilevel 496 if you want to get much further than the first boss or two in ToT.

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