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    Humans because they look very bland and they don't have any good customizations.

    Draenei are bad as well. I think they are just too bulky and it isn't even proportional to their legs.

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    Worgen. The textures are awesome, but the animations are horrid. And so many sets look like crap on them.
    There are many things wrong with Humans, Night Elves and Draenei. All could use some new body proportions, and humans need to have their faces ripped off.

    I like the way most of the horde races look. Some could use texture upgrades, and orcs really need to get rid of the hunched back, but that's it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leaks View Post
    I have to agree with this but I also find my troll's chicken legs to be embarrassing and always where a kilt or robe.
    Really? They always looked super awkward in kilts and robes to me. Wide stance and then super thin middle and all that...

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    Pretty much all the Alliance male models are terrible. Dwarf aside I think any of the remaining races can all be labelled the worst.

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    Male Draenei. Probably the worst model in the game.

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    Still not seeing it on the Male Draenei. Only thing they really need fixed is the size of their ankles and hooves which are disproportionate. Everything else seems fine to me.

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    Humans. Those faces.
    Quote Originally Posted by Slummish View Post
    I don't get it. I've gone AFK a million times to blow my bf so he'd get off my back and let me raid. What's the problem here? People have sex...

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    Quote Originally Posted by LS1S13 View Post
    Worgen. They just look so ridiculous.
    Ha ha nice joke. They are one o the best male models in WoW. Orcs are most hideous and stupid looking creatures, their models are far different from what they are introduced in Lore, or even in Warcraft 3 Reign of chaos and TFT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcanist View Post
    I don't know why people are saying blood elves. The males have the most realistic looking muscle tone/mass.

    Second, I don't get why people call them gay because they're elves and elves are supposed to be refined and sophisticated. I guess that's considered "gay" these days.
    Finally someone whose IQ can be measured in three digits.

    Blood elf male body model looks more human (realistic) than the actual "humans" in WoW lol. And their faces can actually express emotions, unlike humans/orc/night elves etc. Make a bloed elf mage and look at his face while casting fireball. So badass.

    Oh, and many girls find blood elves to be pretty attractive as well - check comments on wowhead's page for Sig Nicious, the belf guitarist from that WoW rock band.

    On topic: MALE DRAENEI by miles and miles and miles. So freaking hideous and disgusting. Pretty much everyone who plays male draenei is backpedalling keyboard turning mouth-breather. I actually leveled and geared a horde alt for the main reason of finding and ganking anyone who plays a male draenei. Haven't lost a single fight yet.
    Currently playing: WoW Legion, Guild Wars 2, FF XIV

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trassk View Post
    if every human was anorexic you mean.
    That infact might explain why people want to play them, to create the illusion of being that skinny.
    You're wrong. Look at all the world's best athletes. Blood Elves actually have the most realistic build of all the races out there.

    If you like your bed buddies buff and hairy, I don't care, but that doesn't mean an average fit human looks like a bodybuilder.

    I still hate how they implemented Belves, how they ruined their crackhead appearance, but they really have the most realistic body out of all the races.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trassk View Post
    my list would go:
    1 - Human male. I can't emphasize how horrible this model is. Its rigid, it looks like a 1980s he-man action figure found in a bargin bin. The mouth animation looks more like a bird then a human, the fact they have no wrists and a swollen neck. The run animation like they need to get to the bathroom quick, the jump animation like a 5 year old on a trampoline... ITS HORRIBLE.
    Very much this! And also draenei male the goat.

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    Human for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vorticough View Post
    Then you aren't a FLAMBOYANT homosexual. Like the person said Belves were like.

    Oh, thanks for clearing that up. Gay men are people as long as they're not feminine at all. Newsflash: Every male race in wow is hyper-masculine to the point of ridiculousness. One race not being a mouthbreathing, he-man, hulk-smashing meathead won't make the world stop turning. And god forbid that more feminine men actually be represented without being ridiculed as somehow less than a man. Obviously, it's just misogyny wearing a different hat.

    And Redmage, way to point out that you're gay...but not one of those nelly queens that deserves to be mocked. Gays are just like straight men, so they can't be made fun of because they're so "normal." Unless you're not a hairy beefcake, in which you're fair game. I hate to break it to you, but people being shocked that you're gay is not a compliment.

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    nelf, draenei, human

    trying to give an actual order to the awfulness to those 3 gives me a headache

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    What is so bad about male human? Put a full set of bulky plate on them, and they look decent no?

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    Y i'm signing up to become a premium-member of the Human/Nelf club. But if you look at Male Dwarf feet...

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    Can we have a ''worst FEMALE model in WoW'' thread too? I wonder what people will say about that topic

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    Blood elf, also don't know a single person irl who plays belf.

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    Human males, orc males, look the worst to me. Well, updating all the old character models should help I hope.

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