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    Night Elf, every time, hate that model

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    Draenei male. No contest.

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    Why does everybody hate Draenei? I actually like their run. Reminds me of galloping. And the tail is cool also! :P

    I do see how a huge slab of torso looks odd being carried around by those skinny legs, however...
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    Hard to pick between Human and Night Elf.
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    Male Draenei lolol... they should have made them leaner... and wtf their heads are too small... next would be human male because they look like steroid addicts...

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    Quote Originally Posted by NatureDrake View Post
    Why does everybody hate Draenei? I actually like their run. Reminds me of galloping. And the tail is cool also! :P

    I do see how a huge slab of torso looks odd being carried around by those skinny legs, however...
    I also like the male draenei model. There is some fanart out there that makes them look amazing as well.

    I used to despise the human male model but it kind of grew on me. Hm. I think I like all of the male models in some way, except male dwarves desperately need an polygon upgrade or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bridgetjones View Post
    Oh, thanks for clearing that up. Gay men are people as long as they're not feminine at all. Newsflash: Every male race in wow is hyper-masculine to the point of ridiculousness. One race not being a mouthbreathing, he-man, hulk-smashing meathead won't make the world stop turning. And god forbid that more feminine men actually be represented without being ridiculed as somehow less than a man. Obviously, it's just misogyny wearing a different hat.

    And Redmage, way to point out that you're gay...but not one of those nelly queens that deserves to be mocked. Gays are just like straight men, so they can't be made fun of because they're so "normal." Unless you're not a hairy beefcake, in which you're fair game. I hate to break it to you, but people being shocked that you're gay is not a compliment.
    Newsflash: I AM gay. I know being shocked about it isn't exactly a compliment. Also I wasn't dissing on flamboyant homosexuals, I was, how you say, clearing that up. Get some context.

    Also one race? Pretty much most races of the Horde barring Orcs and Tauren. Really. They could tone down the size, sure, that's about all I agree with.

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    worst male model

    prideofwar is a terribad male model

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    Texture & polygon-wise? Humans, Gnomes and Dwarves models are bad. Like, REALLY bad. Tauren "look" cool but suffer from low res textures like the rest. I don't think Orcs, Night Elves and Trolls are too terrible, but like every race aside from Worgen, Goblin & Pandaren, they could use some touching up.

    Animation-wise? Night Elves. Your ears, your hair, your feet, your jumps, your waves, walks, strikes, swings, shots, strides, deaths...they are all bad. Like, REALLY bad. You are supposed to be a paragon of natural power, so why do you walk like a clown and die like a coward? Why do you hold your weapons upside down and hit enemies like you're playing whack-a-mole? You have issues.

    I'd love to see a rework of all the races, male and female, just to freshen things up. Some stuff just needs to go, like Female Orcs and their single-boned thumbs that stick out no matter what you're doing. Hexagonal pupils are so 10 years ago. Who REALLY wears square earrings? Nobody, that's who.

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    while i love my dwarf toons, i think they take the cake when it comes to worst model

    there's probably more polygons in a goblins nose than there is in a dwarfs body =P

    altho male draenei have a really bad head:chest:legs ratio lol
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    I'm still waiting on someone to tell me where all these people that suddenly care about Warrior balance were during Cataclysm when they were blow up dolls with plate armor on.
    Quote Originally Posted by cutterx2202 View Post
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    It's a toss up between NE and Human, the Human looks like he's been holding in a sh*t for 8 years.

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    Human, then Night Elf, then Dwarf, then Gnome,
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    Gnome, especially combined with their idle animation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Pebbleton View Post
    "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?" <---- MALE blood elf /silly emote.

    OP: all of the old character models are outdated, and they badly need a better graphic and more customization.
    this is very true, and this pretty much goes for ALL the races. but the worst? trolls in some regards and of course humans....god the humans look like they stand and run around with a baked potato shoved up the you know where.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blimey View Post
    night elves

    just everything about the night elf male model is wrong, including the animations
    "Retarded" is the best description for nelf males. Chicks on the other hand... *cough*

    But it's not the only model that could use an update. I think human males look overall the best when the "He-Man" -build is covered under armor. Dimensions are ok and movements somewhat natural. But I'd like to see, for example, more body types to choose from. But I guess Blizz cba to modify all the gear to match that.

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    Draenei - their chest is grotesquely huge, the posture looks like it taken from a Superman comic.
    Worgen - shoulders are ridiculously wide, chest too large.
    Night elves and humans - horrible animations and huge wrists.
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    Draenei and Night Elves. Just horrible.

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    Draenei just look so stupid, Humans looks like they still are living in caves and Blood Elves look so gay (no offense). Night elf model just look weird.
    Don't have a problem with any of the other male models.

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    Draenei have a massive chest, making only a select few shoulder options work for them. They have tiny heads, making even less head gear look good on them. Also, when dual wielding weapons that sheethe on the back, one of them is about twice as large as the other for some reason, looking extremely lopsided. No other race have I seen this happen.

    Humans are hideous though.

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    The animation alone would qualify them. Seriously, have you seen how they run? They tiptoe like ballet dancers frolicing in a meadow, when they should be stomping like big hulking brutes. Talk about getting the weight wrong.
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