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    I have Conqueror, of the Alliance/Horde, the Bloodthirsty and Battlemaster. If I ever get my Herald of the Titans character finished Justicar is within reach for me (Former 39 twink needs AV rep and to finish off AB.)

    Khan is something I will likely not ever get and I don't even like the title that much. If you think I'm going to farm Isle of Conquest for achievements .

    Honestly though besides Conqueror if the PVP titles were not account wide I wouldn't have any of them.

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    I'm quite an achievement collector, but I hate PvP, so it's very unlikely I'll ever have Khan or Battlemaster achies, rated BG achieis or the Arena Master achies
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    Heroic: Ra-den
    Can't you just go back there at level 95 with a pug?

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    The ONLY single damn achievement I will never get, 2700 in 3's

    Some BG's is just impossible.

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    I got the Insane, so I believe I could achieve anything out there I'd wish as long as it's about farming stuff xD

    However, I have a problem with the questing one. I might have it done within all my chars, I'm missing a few quests here and there.. but that feels like I'll never do it.

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    The achievements for exalted with the BG reps... Been exalted with AV for years, but...

    If I only do it on the appropriate BG weekend, I only need 779 WSG flag captures (260 wins if I personally do all the caps!), and 273 wins for AB!

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    'Battlemaster' and 'Khan' are by far the most difficult, nothing even compares.
    On a side note: People that dont PvP should be kicked out or their respective factions and made neutral.
    There is a war going on after all (hence the title of the game)and your just sitting it out like a bunch of dirty canadians.
    I mean who doesnt want to pwn a gnome?

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    Salty (curse the RNG achieves)
    Gladiator (despite my penchant for pvp I'm a ~2k player at best)
    Seeker of Knowledge (my disdain for arch goes back from when it was first added...anyone else remember grinding out Professor pre 4.1?)

    Khan will be sorta easy for me since I have IoC and Gilneas done and TP is only one achieve away.

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    Gladiator, because I have no interest in "competitive" pvp.

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    Salty because I can never be on during the tourney's

    Oh and Khan because nobody drops bombs at the gates anymore

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    Gladiator, Grand Marshall and many more rated pvp achievments

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    Gladiator probably.

    I really don't like Arenas, and just do them for acehivements anyway. But Gladiator would require too much dedication, the likes I don't think I can bear...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kazgrel View Post
    Seeker of Knowledge (my disdain for arch goes back from when it was first added...anyone else remember grinding out Professor pre 4.1?)
    max 3 Fragments and solved items selling for copper and silver.
    I know that feel
    Side note: Seeker of Knowledge was a PAIN in the @@@ to get but worth it since it mantains some rarity at the moment

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    10k dailies.

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    Exalted with Shen'dralar

    Before it was removed I had about 40% of the pristine black diamonds I needed but since I was on a pretty low pop server and waited somewhat last minute there simply weren't enough available on AH or other people's banks. Sold mine to someone else who was closer to getting the achievement than me but whenever I loot one nowadays during BWL I do get a bit annoyed.

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    Insane in the Membrane

    i tried it once on my old char but it takes too much rep grinding

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    justicar - i hate wsg

    battlemaster - same reason

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zodiark Son View Post
    10k dailies.
    isnt that a guild achievement?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thunderdragon2 View Post
    isnt that a guild achievement?
    Nope the guild ones are 15k>30k>75k

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    5000 pet battles, level 75 pets to 25, 5000 pvp pet battles....

    ive got a lot of pet battle achievements, but for 5 points? theyre way too boring and i cba. bump them up to 10-25 points and maybe

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    Insane in the membrane, Why? Because i've already been insane and played more than enough for a few lifetimes.
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