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    I like achievements but I don't think I'll ever get about 25% of them. Particularly PvP achievements, I just don't enjoy PvP enough to try and get some of the more difficult ones and I know it irritates some people when someone joins and then runs around filling achievement objectives instead of progressing the battle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eazy View Post
    [Shave and Haircut], really I chose my hairstyle long time ago and like it.
    I did too but I wanted the achieve so I got a new one and immediately changed back to my original one early in wotlk lol

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    Arena Master, Glad, Battlemaster - I hate what PvP has become

    and of course, "The One That Got Away", despite years and years of trying. OOH! Or the Sewer Rat!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reyzzz View Post

    You will notice the common denominator?
    you can afk justicar ... just take a while heh. I had to grind wsg in wotlk when I wanted the title since I changed mains in tbc and by the time I got the title I no longer wanted it :/
    but really if you want it - wsg is the only tough one since you need to cap flags to get rep but if you get a premade it's a lot faster than afking so it really depends if you have a good bg bot / want to hit space every 5 minutes or want to play organized pvp (on my server premade pvp groups are called organized groups dunno lol)

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    I have come to terms with likely not ever getting any of the high rating pvp achievements.

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    Everything with Honorable Kills above 40k. I haven't done stupid PVP since some time in WotLK and likely won't ever do it again. So I will sit at my 42k kills until ragnarök.

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    Anything PvP related.

    Otherwise, rest is doable.
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    in the land of killer unicrons
    any high end pvp rubbish

    retired march 2013 RIP - returned january 2016, purely because paladins finally get Ashbringer!

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    mostly pvp related achievements.

    or the Insane.
    i got 71 exalted factions (working on 2 more (slowly if nat pagle counts), and still dont have the insane title
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    PVP achievements aside...

    I pretty much gave up on archeology sometime in mid Cata so there's a good chance The Seat of Knowledge is never gonna happen. I leveled it up to 600 and I trade in all my spirits for Tol'vir fragments in a vain attempt to get that stupid mount, but other than that archeology is pretty much dead to me.

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    Well i'm not going to get any raid achievements. I'm too cool for them.
    I don't like: raids, grouping, warcraft movie, doomhammer
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    PvP achievments :P

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    Five characters at level 90. I hate alts, I can barely manage to level my main each expansion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duncanîdaho View Post
    250,000 HK's. That is just an insane number of kills and the character I play now was not around during the old school AV and world pvp days. I can only get into Bg's in spurts as well or I get sick of them pretty fast. I don't know how people BG day after day for months/years, guess they could say the same to me about PvE though.
    You get 1k a day easily from AV if you're good
    Quote Originally Posted by kbarh View Post
    may i suggest you check out wowwiki or any similar site, it's Grom that orders the murder of Cairne

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    Conqueror / Justicar, unless they make the rep account wide.

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    Resilient Victory is the bane of my existence. It is all I have needed for Battlemaster for years now but I haven't lucked into it and competent pvp'ers on my server just don't exist or are these magical creatures that only spawn when I'm not on (aka time lost).

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    i got everything except WSG exalted so i might say that i will newer gonna get

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    oh and yeah Resilent victory...

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    is it even worth posting? i agree with everyone else....the high end pvp shit, pvp is shit i'll farm archaeology but i can't be assed with fail V..such a joke P.

    why they added stuff like 2.7k rating then keep in stuff like light of dawn on heroic lich king so people can faceroll it at 85 and 90 proves blizzard are stupid.

    if people can out level pve achievements i want to out lvl pvp ones, so now i want to fight some lvl 70 glads on my lvl 90 please blizz! a few games of 1-2 shotting them and easy glad title.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mildennais View Post
    Majority of the PVP achievements and Insane in the Membrane.
    You know, I was working on getting Insane for my level 1 bank char. She has a lot of achievements at level 1 that are insanely hard to get (or just require a LOT of time and patience). I was about half way done when they announced account-wide titles...I was actually extremely disappointed with that. I could just go get it on another char, and then just show it on the level 1 - there's no fun in that. Such a waste of time and gold.
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    Arathi Basin perfection, i got it with my old account playing my paladin and did it twice actually, then i stopped playing wow for almost 2 years, i made that account with a fake name so i cant recover it and i dont think im getting that achievement ever again.

    The same with The Alterac Blitz, that achievement was no big deal back in wotlk but now is impossible to get it.

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