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    Quote Originally Posted by Norjak View Post
    Probably the Gladiator titles, mount collecting, 5000 pet battles, or 250,000 HK's are things I will never get. I will probably never do 10,000 daily quests, either since I just finished my 5,000 and the first thing I said was "F&ck that 10k dailies achievement".

    I agree! This would be a good addition to the game, sadly it's too hardcore for Blizzard and a lot of casual baddies would whine & unsub so they would never do something like this.
    Casual Baddie= people who don't like shitty unbalanced FotM pvp?

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    Anything that requires a serious commitment to PvP. As you'll note from my armory, PvP is far and away the worst category of achievements for me. Well, except for Pet Battles, but I still plan on getting into those at some point. PvP? Never.

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    Most of the arena titles, don't care much for arena. To close to duels for me + the pillar humping.

    And maybe not "Didn't Stand a Chance, Kill 20 mounted players using a tower cannon".

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    Most of the PVP achievements, and the Insane. I want the Insane title soooo bad but ... wow, I don't have the resolve to do that. ;x
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    Immortal. The only attempt we got close to it (KT @ less than 10%) someone died to a void zone and pretty much quit raiding on the spot.

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    Pretty much any PvP achieve I don't already have.

    Oh and the few achieves I'm missing from Dragon Soul too.

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    saltybreadisfunny. makes me immeasurably sad. i will never have the joy of having a mage named salty breadnbutter. or a warlock named saltybreadisfunny. or a priest named saltyholybread. or a dk named saltyrottenbread.
    r.i.p. alleria. 1997-2017. blizzard ruined alleria forever. blizz assassinated alleria's character and appearance.
    i will never forgive you for this blizzard.

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    The Noblegarden meta...sitting in Azure Watch for 10 hours clicking eggs? No thanks.
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    Most likely the PvP ones. I never seem to bother them. Maybe one day.

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    loremaster, i was somewhat close before it got reset. questing makes me want to cut myself with a rusty spork.

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    Glad, 100k Hk's, pet battles, What A long Strange trip its Been.
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    Muh main

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    any high BG/arena achive, any realm first achive..

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    Salty- because I'm on a very high pop server and ONLY need to win a fishing tournament
    the Insane- because I almost quit wow doing loremaster
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    Any arena based achievements.
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    Probably most of the more difficult PvP achievements, and Insane in the Membrane. But only because I do not have anywhere near enough patience to get to honored with Bloodsail, then bring the goblin reps back up to exalted.

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    anything pet battles, hate them so much never like pokemon and the waiting inbetween moves always hated that although im slightly impatient

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    MogIt probably.
    A lot of PVP, pet battle, and arch ones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Monoxyde View Post
    loremaster, i was somewhat close before it got reset. questing makes me want to cut myself with a rusty spork.
    me too & 250k HK's, isn't gonna happen

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    the insane, cba to do all the work to get the rep
    also the higher arena/rated bg achievements, im horrible at pvp

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