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    Quote Originally Posted by Warak View Post
    World first *anything*
    that would Count for many of us, but apart from those..

    Probably "Master of Wintergrasp"

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    Ahead of the curve: Grand Empress

    Why? Because I just HAD to be sick the day my guild downed it and then my internet just HAD to die for about a week afterwards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muzz View Post
    The ancient pandaren fishing charm increases the chance substantially, and the fishing pools in the Fish of the Day's location have a higher drop rate for it.
    Awesome, thanks for the info

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    Realm first level (inser level cap of the expansion).

    I tried in Cataclysm. But when I just dinged 84, some other dude was 85 already.

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    exalted with Ogrila. havent set foot there since tbc. and not planning to
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    I like PvPing, But I can't see me getting 250k HKs for the life of me... and to be realistic - can't see myself getting the Gladiator achievement either, although I'd very much like to..

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    Hero of the horde/gladiator because I'm stuck at 1.6k.
    And I'm not gonna pay russians like 500$.

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    -School of Hard Knocks
    -High end PVP achievements
    - Cutting Edge: Lei Shen.

    That's about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rehija View Post
    Gladiator Title because i don't give a damn sh** about "skillful" pillar hugging
    I don't think you'd stand a chance anyways if you think arena in that kind of rating is reduced to pillar hugging. Not that I'd ever get a gladiator title, since I know I'm too bad for it, but don't think you can be witty about a subject you clearly don't understand.

    OT: Gladiator title, obviously.

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    Not going to get 99% of PvP achievements as a PvEer, but that's a cop-out, so... I'll go with My team just aren't that co-ordinated :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rehija View Post
    Gladiator Title because i don't give a damn sh** about "skillful" pillar hugging
    Most of the people complaining about gladiator is either bad or can't face the truth that you will never ever get it. But hey, keep thinking its all about pillar hugging.

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    None. I'll have them all someday. SOMEDAY.

    (Do note that my shaman's page don't show account wide achis.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyoken View Post
    The day I die I want the shaman class developers to lower me into my grave so they can let me down one last time.......

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    Majority of the PvP achievements. Don't care all that much about PvP.

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    For me most of the PVP stuff

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    Realm first (any kind). Because I simply can't afford sleepless nights :P

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    Cutting Edge Heroic-raidtitles.

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    I posted in this thread an eternity ago saying I'd never get the RBG achievement horse for 75 wins because nobody RBGs on my server.

    Ends up, my guild decided to start hosting its own RBG night. I ended up in a leadership position of the effort since I was dead serious to farm wins for the horse.

    Our last RBG night, I got my horse. As a non-PVP player I never thought I'd get here. But I did.

    Never say never, guys.

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    Most PVP achs are out, and NO Pet Battles anything!!
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    500 pvp pet battles, i like them and spend lots of time doing them, But jesus

    I dont mind farming PvP ones etc But the worst for me is Insane in the membrane

    All i need left for Insane is Lockboxes and Revered to Exalted with Booty Bay, And i just cant bring myself to complete it anymore.

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    there is no achievement that i dont want to get, but there are a few i dont think ill be able to get (cuz i suck) are the arena ones. and maybe the 5000 pet battles

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