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    So I am quite an achievement hunter but sometimes there are those which I absolutely don't want to get

    [Seeker of Knowledge] or [Conqueror] are just two which I will never get since it is (in my opinion) just a really big waste of time.

    I am curious which ones you don't like.
    Id say chanllenge modes

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    Justicar/Conqueror because I have mainswitched a million times over which means I'll never get AB or WSG reps to exalted.
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    I'd say never say never but for obvious reason first realm and such I'll never achieve as I dont play at such levels

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    5000 pet battle victories. I just can't see myself doing that, although I've got at least 3 guildies who have done it.

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    Hand of Adal. Uhnf. And i want that title STUPID bad.

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    Anything to do with pet battles. Don't like them whatsoever. I tried to enjoy them, but I just can't get into it.

    Good luck to anyone trying for them, though.

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    scarab lord pretty much only thing. Everything else is easilly obtainable with time.

    They took the hard part out of the insane so you can do that pretty easilly now.

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    Gladiator because i only do 2s, SCREW YOU BLIZZ GIVE ME BACK MY 2s !!!

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    A better expansion.
    Gladiator. The last time I did PVP other than Burning Crusade was Mothers Day 2 years ago. We got to 1800 rofl.

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    Hero of the Alliance and most of the pvp titles. They don't really catch my interest. :S

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    Know Your Role, since I keep getting the Cheng-Bo quest and I need Uruk! quest ¬¬

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    I hate fishing so Salty is a pretty long shot for me.

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    Anything Arena related.
    Last time i did that was in TBC with 2 guys i'd knew for years prior to WoW.
    Both quit and i haven't done it since.

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    Any rated PvP achievement, since I rarely PvP
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    Any PVP related stuff really..

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    Challenge Mode achievements, I have only done one.

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    Anything PVP related that doesn't happen by accident, or requires effort/time.

    The only PVP I have done is Alterac Valley for the rep, and the legendary quest in MOP, other than that, I generally avoid PVP if I can.
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    Brawler stuff, at least the current content. There is no way I can get those done as holy/disco priest.
    Brawler is a dps business.

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