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    Does anyone have a SPAMMABLE Fire n Brimstone\incinerate macro?

    Topic covers it.. Sorry if this isnt the right forum, wasnt sure because its warlock related

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    Quote Originally Posted by IRunSoFarAway View Post

    How about answering the question instead of providing a link to a thread that doesn't answer the question. He's looking for a SPAMMABLE macro, not a [mod] macro like the one in that thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IRunSoFarAway View Post
    I've already tried a google search

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    this is what i use, although it been shown to not macro the 2 together is actually higher dps

    #showtooltip fire and brimstone
    /cast fire and brimstone
    /cast incinerate

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrFeelGood View Post
    I've already tried a google search
    Are you sure? Because I've already found one that works for me on the first page, just use a /castsequence macro...you can spam it all you want and it works every time.

    /castsequence Fire and Brimstone,Incinerate

    And to the creep before who clearly doesn't know how to use google, you seem to have grabbed only one post among thousands of others, how about you try being useful in any capacity instead of just pointing nothing out, great useless post there.

    Don't call people names or insult them, please.
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    /castsequence reset=1 Fire and Brimstone,Incinerate
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    I've been using this:
    #showtooltip Incinerate
    /cast [mod:shift]Fire and Brimstone
    /cast Incinerate
    You do have to wait for the cast to finish though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Susej View Post
    /castsequence reset=1 Fire and Brimstone,Incinerate
    i use this one and works pretty good since you can hit it as hard as you can :P and the other 2 i just klick the buttons
    it's kinda bad that you can't activate fnb while you cast a spell, that would make it way easyer.. rain of fire + fnb at the same time and when the gcd is off you press inci

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