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    Quote Originally Posted by wariofan1 View Post
    I'd rather give Darion Mograine that honor. He wasn't only turned into the undead, but The Lich King and his minions also tortured his father and turned him into the opposite of everything he stood for, corrupted the Ashbringer, and furthermore led Darion and all of the Death Knights of Acherus into their own demise had Tirion not seen The Lich King's plan. To further back up on Darion he actually did something to stop The Lich King, Sylvanas only infiltrated the Halls of Reflection, Darion has wiped the floor with countless of The Lich King's minions and servants and helped The Argent Dawn reach Icecrown Citadel so that they could end The Lich King's reign. Killing The Lich King was more than just killing Arthas, which is what Sylvanas only cared for, The Lich King was another entity in himself as Blizzard said it before the release of WotLK.
    Fair enough, but Darion is not a leader with one of the two main factions in WoW. What posters in this thread are trying to highlight is that not only did Sylvanas want revenge for Arthas nearly eradicating her homeland and the entire population of the High Elves that lived in it, but she wanted revenge for him personally killing her and transforming her into a banshee. Yeah the same scenario applies to countless others, but those countless others weren't Ranger-General and they weren't a leader of an entire race. In the end, she truly deserved a lot more attention that what she got during WotLK and it's pretty sad that she didn't get it. Why the hell did Bolvar become a 'focal point' of the story over Sylvanas?

    To the OP: I have no idea either, I'm just hoping the next time she does get a little bit of attention, she's fucking shit up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaelsino View Post
    Kosak mentioned that she might use the Horde's current unrest as an excuse to kick the Kor'kron out and put the Undercity back under her complete control.
    To be honest, this is probably exactly what will happen anyway. The Kor'kron are totally devout to Garrosh so it wouldn't make much sense for Sylvanas to tolerate their presence when the faction she and her people are part of are undergoing a full-scale uprising in hope of overthrowing the current Warchief.
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    but then again, The Coon is obviously unbeatable as he will just manipulate you into being his friend

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    Wait, a Sylvanas thread without a moral shitstorm? I'm impressed.
    If you're not being manipulated, then you're handled by professionals.

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