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    heroic lich king woes

    Looking to see if anyone has any insight on this matter. Been trying to solo LK25 heroic recently and everything seems to be on track barring one detail - whenever I get into the frostmourne room I'm fine for around 10 seconds and then instantly die with nothing in the combat log. Something makes me think that taking the shambling hororrs into the phase is causing problems but I've seen kill videos of people doing this and simply not encountering the same problem I am. Anyone know what's up?

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    If you think it's that, then why not just try it without the shamblings in phase 3? Maybe some new bug came up in 5.2, but I killed him yesterday and the week before just fine, though I never have shamblings up past phase 2.
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    Killing the shambling hororrs before p3 is costing me too much dps. I know it's them (or ghouls, fuck knows) causing it but I also know it's somehow avoidable as I've seen other people breeze past it with hororrs still up.

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    Sometimes you'll live through the throne room, sometimes you won't. In my recent attempts on my twink, I've given up trying to kill them, and I'm just trying to skip P3 ;P

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    Driving me insane, if I aoe the horrors down I wipe at 20% and if I leave them up I wipe whenever I get frostmourned!

    Seem to have figured it out. I kept the horrors up for vengeance and GC procs but killed the ghouls. Zero problems in frostmourne room which leads me to believe it's some sort of evade protection thing on the ghouls.
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