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    I ran LFR on two or three toons and had a 50% or better drop rate. Ran it on my Holy Paladin (both sections of Vault) and didn't get a single thing.

    RNG is RNG

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    My warlock was 460 ilvl on wednesday (just hit 90 on tuesday) and a full run and 28 coins later i was Ilvl 480.

    The drop rate is deffinately better and i only had 2 duplicate items in all of that, all in all i can't complain its been a great catch up week for a new toon i'm ready for tomorrows LFR unlock (and with some more gearing up luck, i'll beat the greenfire boss).

    RNG is RNG though, my monk did the exact same and didn't get a single item. Crap happens :S
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    Read this -

    Check their armory. Almost full LFR gear with 2 drops from Sha.

    I see this ALL the time in LFR raid chat.


    Inspect player, oh look full epic with over half LFR items.

    No loot for one week + loot addict = false claims.

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    The MoP loot system in LFR is nice because of the lack of idiotic loot drama, but it gets every last ounce of pain out of RNG.

    At the very least the failbags should ALWAYS contain something interesting in addition to/other than gold. I think I've maybe got one jewel and one other stack of crap I can't remember out of around 20-30 failbags so far.

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    I haven't won crap either. Then again my luck with items has always been terrible. Can't wait too do this on an other character, bleh.

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    Just got loot from 2 out of 3 Throne encounters without having any bonus rolls. RNG is RNG :P

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    I have been doing LFR 16 times now, using the charms for the mace and shield, no luck so far, but as blizz said, LFR isnt for to gear up as the real hardcoreraiders, just for to be a part of the end for us who doesnt have the time anymore to sign up for raids. Most of the ppl today from the old time , have families today, job and other stuff we have to do first. So it seems like we have to work harder for the loot.

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    Just did the first wing of throne LFR last night.

    Nothing but bags and some gold using 3 of my mogu charms.

    LFR is just painfully unlucky for me. Even after 5.2. Friend of mine goes first time and gets 2 pieces and sha weapon, where I have yet to see anything.

    Sad Panda..

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    Can understand the frustration of not getting any loot, but most are lying about it, or have _one_ bad run, and then complain. Or get 2-3 peices that they can't use and forget that they actually got drops. Just not what they wanted. Just like any raider.
    My warlock got a valor-belt so i've been getting lfr-belts almost every run.
    My druid never got the firekitty-staff despite him going there plenty of times. Bad luck happens in normal raids. That they made something that is no harder than normal instances, doesn't equal that you should have it easier getting gear on top of that.
    Overall i'm fine with it being rng, but it might be slightly higher the droprate. If they should give an increase to your dropchance it should at max be 1% higher :P
    I'm fine with lfr-heroes not getting gear as fast, or faster than raiders, thus forcing them(edit:raiders) to do lfr to get the gear faster.
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    RNG is indeed RNG, but I don't think they buffed the drop rates as much as they hyped it up for the 5.0 raids. If anything, it's only slightly increased.

    Perhaps it will ramp up over time?

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    These threads are just like the rare mount ones, it'll start with someone who can't understand their bad luck or who doesn't understanding what random means and is then joined by people who claim everything they've ever wanted dropped in the first try.

    For every person who claims RNG is bad, there's someone else always ready to jump in with how luck is on their side. Then there's everyone else in the middle, exactly as is should be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    The playerbase has been desiring this for years and when it's finally here, everyone wants to grab a pitchfork. Ridiculous. This community is disgustingly toxic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by refire View Post

    Really though to the people saying that they did all of the bosses, used bonus rolls and still didn't get anything, I think you're exaggerating for whatever reason (sympathy from people on the internet you don't know maybe?). It's around a 99.7% chance of getting something on a boss assuming a 30% drop rate and no bonus rolls (1-(.7^16)) compared to the old 13% chance of it occurring. Add in even just 6 bonus rolls (when in reality getting 10 elder charms from one trove and one solo scenario run is a complete breeze) and you're looking at a 99.96% chance of getting loot.

    For reference:

    TLDR; The correlation between incredibly bad luck and QQ is either very high or people really love to lie in this thread.
    Sheesh why are people always so cynical. My statement was 100% true, but I accept the fact that random is random. I was more just querying to make sure that the drop rate has increased and not bugged somehow. Ans slightly interested in the odds of what happened to me were.

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