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    Set bonuses, when to switch?

    Is it as simple as 4set t14 normal till we have 4set t15 normal or is more complicated then that?
    Math people welcome!

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    Think ppl said that if u play SV (which u kinda need now on few fights) u should switch instant.
    Think ill break my 4set when I get 2 pieces 522(even offset), gonna try on dummy when I do.

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    People are breaking at 2pc.

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    I broke my 4 piece straight away for a new 2 piece, but I have a special reason. Had heroic tier in all slots besides helmet and gloves. My gloves were LFR and I had a different heroic helmet. Just upgrading my gloves to a T15 normal mode piece was a big upgrade by itself.

    As for the set bonus, it's amazing for both Beast Mastery and Survival. But it seems to make a much bigger impact for Beast Mastery.
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    Break your set when you have the t15 2 piece and t15 4 piece if they are at an equal or higher item level.

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