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    I was totally surprised this morning to see that Jaina had a normal quest. So on EU-Steamwheedle Cartel stage 2 has arrived!

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    Quote Originally Posted by besthijacker View Post
    What do you think is going to happen? Unlock more dailies!
    not mine. same dailies, different beach.. was rather disappointed.. you would think that unlocking a stage would offer something new besides a 5 minute scenario that you run once.

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    Silvermoon - same - was greeted by some quest for a solo scenario and done Dagger in the Dark via random.
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    I did the dailies on my warlock after the unlock. She got two sets of the old dailies, Trolls and Undead as well as the new set. So you do get some of the old dailies, but you still only get 3 nodes a day.

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    Grim Batol-EU Stage 2 too (Horde)

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    Meh, stage 2 and same dailies as before in stage 1.
    A bit disappointed, hope next stage is something new..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zerdus View Post
    My realms going to hit stage 2 in the next few minutes but I've already done stage 1 dailies. Can I do the the stage 2 dailies too?
    I really hope you were able to do this. I'd hate to think you had to go one whole day without doing double dailies! Dailies are the meaning of life.

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    LOL I play on PVE realm and of course choice PVE quest line...but ohhhh I had great fun with a certain horde rogue whom will remain un-named....kept killing him over and over...he brought over a pally buddy..nope that didn't stop me from roll stomping both of them...then he brought over a lock buddy...nope that didn't help one bit...all I known is there is a undead rogue really really hating a certain MouseD on my realm right now..kiting into mobs is soo much fun to watch them get owned by the NPC mobs...... lmao....ahh the days of QQ on the Isle of Quel......

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    Tanaris hit it yesterday.

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    In which phase will we be able to loot Plans: Lightning Steel Ingot?

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    US-Whisperwind, at stage 2 15%
    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbamboozal View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by MerinPally View Post
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    US-Blackwing Lair at Stage 2 12%

    Yesterday I had the same dailies as before, but today I received new ones that I hadn't seen before, and I was offered the choice to do PvP or PvE.

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    Bit dissapointing with the pve dailies being exactly the same. I also felt sorry for the Felled Leviathan with the spear in it's mouth, sadly I can't finish it off.
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    Very disappointed that the PVE quests are exactly the same as stage 1. Maybe I'll have to see what the PVP quests offer tomorrow...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Otiswhitaker View Post
    Hmmm... I wonder why that wasn't the case for me.
    It wasnt the case for my main too, but I had that option on my monk (yeah I do dailies on 2 chars)

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    Quote Originally Posted by KillerChinchilla View Post
    Very disappointed that the PVE quests are exactly the same as stage 1. Maybe I'll have to see what the PVP quests offer tomorrow...
    We will not have new quest untill we open up new area, we just secured a base, but are in same spot esentially. I did also a daily on PTR stage 5 and and I had same quest as we have now (+ some in other areas like docks), so don;t expect the current one will go away, we will have jsut more variation later on.

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    Eu Thunderhorn horde
    Stage 2 26%, participation 47%

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    Quote Originally Posted by fenix306 View Post
    Eu Thunderhorn horde
    Stage 2 26%, participation 47%
    Hard to believe EU is that far into stage 2?

    Dalaran US is now at 27% Stage 2 with 51% Participation Alliance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zatheyll View Post
    Hard to believe EU is that far into stage 2?

    Dalaran US is now at 27% Stage 2 with 51% Participation Alliance.
    Blackhand-EU Horde was 22% at 18:00 pm CET so I'd guess it'd be 24% right now

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    We're at 23% with 46% participation on Tarren Mill (EU).
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