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    Hi, figured i'd post in here instead of creating a new thread :P

    Recently joined a new guild and after ~60 wipes on tortos i've given up, its either asking for help here or changing guild again, and I enjoy raiding with most of them.
    But need help pinpointing the bads and why, so it can constructively be brought up. (Never been on a more sensitive vent then theirs

    We've tried solo tanking, 2 tanking, 2 healing, 3 healing, you name it.
    Culprit seems to be:
    Our kicker failing.
    Our hunter failing to missdirect (he even went as far as calling MD bugged on this fight lol)
    Turtles not dyin fast enough.
    Healers complaining its hard to keep people up.

    Since im new in the guild and having the raid behind me on this fight, i have a hard time pinpointing the exact persons and mistakes (beyond the obvious) and was hoping to get some input on individual members performance

    Here's the logs from yesterday (i play warrior tank)

    Don't go easy on us, if we're struggling on 4th boss I dont even wanna think about the coming ones with this comp...
    - this fight is completely 2 tank 3 healable. If you get to soft enrage just burn boss. Tank all bats on boss for splash.
    - If your kicker is failing, someone else needs to step up. I am primary kick, and we have a secondary melee person for back up. We even had a point where we kicked two shells at the same just to be sure because of abilities lining up.
    - I am a hunter, and almost NEVER have to misdirect on this fight. Your tanks should be able to easily pick up the adds. Half the time they spread out too much for a MD and it's up to your healers to move them up to the boss so tanks can cleave agro them back.
    - Mark / target the first one that comes out and focus it down. We save 2 turtles for each breath just to be sure. Kick the first one to interrupt and then do another right after the debuff wears off. Save the third again for next cycle.
    - Tanks need to AOE stun bats. Turtles can be slowed (frost trap, chillblains, whatever) to avoid damage. The blue circles do a large amount of damage at the point and a smaller amount within 20 yards. People need to move far away from blue and spread out enough.
    - Our first kill probably had less DPS than yours, but we focused on mechanics more than unloading. Your priest should be doing atonement on this fight, and cascade is much better for the large AOE damage spikes. Ours pushed 50-60k dps.
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