I would like to start a 10 team, 2 division H2H league on ESPN.com with a live draft. (Yahoo is blocked for me at work so my fantasy hockey team has faceplanted ).

Hopefully a good chunk of us can do the draft on a weekend before the season starts. In H2H leagues I've always played there was wins and losses assigned for each category at the end of the week, i.e. if you win 6 categories and lose 4 then your record is 6-4-0. But you can also do H2H with only one win/loss/tie awarded a week so in that 6-4 situation your record would be 1-0 afterwards. Or you can do H2H with Roto style points every week, where obviously you W/L is determined by who scores more points.

Please post here if you are interested in playing in the league and I will send you the password, also post which H2H format you prefer. Only suggest one of the H2H formats please, I find a pure Roto format over the course a long baseball season causes people to lose interest.