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    Ogre female

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    Orc Female. It just looks wrong.

    Honorable mention goes to Worgen Female, the one race where they'd be blind by level 70 due to stabbing their face with shields so often.
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    Worgen, definitely.
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    Female Dwarf...
    Male Draenei on 2nd place.

    Well, there are some worse, take the female trolls, they only have one pretty face but at least.

    The face of a female dwarf looks to me like someone hit the poor dwarf with a piece of wood countless times in the face.

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    Worgen. Hands down.

    All of the vanilla races need work due to their age, but there's just no excuse for female Worgen.

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    dwarf female or human female. human female would be ok... but their jaw line is hideous and their thighs are ridiculous. dwarf females... well, all of their problems are pretty obvious.

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    the one with cloth on =P

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    Worgen female in worgen form. No contest. The face gives me nightmares. Literally. After I first saw it I had a nightmare about it.

    From others I honestly don't know. I think the other models, with a bit of a polygon upgrade would look great. The female troll we saw a bit of time ago for example looked amazing. It's more of correcting some minor glitches with them, for example the female tauren having her eyes closed in her avatar, the female troll not blinking etc, but overall I don't see any other female model as actually bad. Only the female worgen, which is horrible.

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    Worgen. The alpha model was fine, but people felt the need to complain that it wasn't "fierce" enough... so we got the side-snarl abomination we have today.

    At least the other races don't look completely and utterly stupid while wearing helms like worgen females do. I also happen to like dwarf females.

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    Toss up between foresaken and dwarf.

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    blood elf female

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    Orc and tauren they just looks so aweful.

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    1 - Dwarf
    2 - Troll
    3 - Tauren

    The rest I can bear.

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    worgen and troll imo

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    tauren. Hands down no question. Female troll look awesome tho.
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    Worgen. Alpha worgen was fine why did they have to make them ugly :P

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    In no particular order Human, Worgen, Tauren, Orc.
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    Worgen, Tauren, then Dwarf.

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    Orc, trolls, tauren and dwarves IMO. Nothing even remotely feminine about any of them, I really don't understand why people use those models over the male counter part, even if the player is female, but to each their own. A higher polygon count will certainly help, I suppose, but I could never roll female on any of those races as of this moment.

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    I think anyone who is arguing sexual dimorphism doesn't seem to understand the concept of the thread IMO. Stand alone, without comparing them to the males, how does the female model look is what I believe what the thread is about. I don't understand how some people are going "well the female model of this race looks bad cause it doesn't look right compared to the male". The worgen female is IMO the worst one. Buggy eyes, horrible looking snarl, chihuahua face. The rest of the females are tolerable to good.
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