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    Worst female model in WoW?

    I hope the moderators let this one fly, because I thought of it on the suggestion of someone else. Even if its literally a clone of the other thread, there won't be another, and this may merit slightly more interesting discussion.

    What do you believe, is the most hideous, and poorly done female model in WoW? This is actually rather difficult to answer due to the fact that female models in WoW are generally more bearable than male models, but there must be one in particular that makes you cringe. Bad.

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    Gnome... because gnome.

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    I'd say Worgen, but just because of the revert.

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    It was merely a setback, kael'thas happens to be a female.

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    Gnome Female, above all

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    I just suggested in the male thread that we need a female one aswell... now a mod might aswell remove that comment :P

    Worst looking is easily female dwarf, I really hated that female dwarf that keeps appearing in Deepholme aswell...

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    1 - Troll female
    2 - Orc female
    3 - Dwarf female

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    Gnome females are cute. They don't look bad either with the right hair.

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    The Draenei. Honestly no contest. It's a model designed purely and only to get the drooly-lipped 'forever alone's' affection. The amount of sexual dimorphism is nothing short of biologically bizarre; this isn't dimorphic, these are two different species we're talking about. Their /waggle gait is absolutely eye-twitchingly annoying as well.

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    Oh lord Dwarf Female, my God... my God...
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    i dont really mind the dwarf. For a plus size lady and what they were targeting, its a dwarven woman. Same with undead females. they look how they're meant to be. Same with gnomes.

    i dont really mind the female models but i do find a bit of issue with worgen females. because of the attempt to make the faces look Lithe. all the furry art in the world and they couldnt get the proportions between vicious werewolf and foxy lady right.

    I actually like the trolls, they dont meet up with the usual female fantasy cliche. If they become anything like the ToT female trolls, it will be awesome though.

    i also kinda wish my faves, the night elves (i fall for drows and nature races) werent so lean and thin armed. As per lore they're not just taller but more muscled than usual.
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    human, worgen, dwarf, orc, troll (except that one face maybe), panda, tauren, goblin

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    Orc females, troll females need more face choices. I think dwarf and gnome females are cute, worgen female eyes look silly and that permanent snarl is ridiculous.

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    Naga. I despise fish-people, not only in Warcraft but everywhere.

    For playable models and without any personal hate, I have to go with Worgen. There is literary nothing likable about this model.

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    1. Tauren.
    2. Troll

    Although while it's not a bad model I really don't like female Blood Elves. They're so freaking skinny! How can you see your armour? I get a better view on a Gnome.

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    Troll female. I love trolls, but they have like one face everyone uses, don't blink and just look aaawwwkwwarrrd. The reskin Blizzard did for that one boss is mighty fine though, I have hopes of them being good if/when they re-model the races.

    Worgen female. Rabid chihuahua look is not as sexy as it was intended - I can see blizzard tried "ferocious but sexy" with them and it really didn't turn out that well.

    Tauren texture seems to be awfully... awful too, but other than that they're pretty okay.

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    Worgen female. The released model is/looks rushed, the animations look strange, and the human form laugh is very cute whereas the demon chiwawa form laugh is disturbing. It's just cruel to players compared to the human one.

    Does anybody else remember when the worgen female laugh was bugged and accidentally played the /chicken sound?
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    I must say Worgen female.

    The chihuahua look just doesn't work at all. I just think it looks retarded, with the wonky eyes and weird, bulbous forehead.

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    Tauren females and human/orc females.

    I tried to play a tauren before but I ended up race changing at level 40 because I just couldn't stand the way the model looked.

    Human and orc females are sitting in the same boat for me where they look decent with a helm on, they look great in plate armor with a helm on...but without, they just make me want to scream. Their models are so old, they have no facial expressions whatsoever, emotes don't even make them produce expression, and orcs could do with a larger variety of skin tones and hairstyles.

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    Worgen, dwarf, tauren.

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