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    Returning player looking for good pvp EU Horde server.

    AS the topic says, me and my friend are returning to WoW after 1.5 year break. Our old server is dead and we are looking for good EU server focused on PVP, Horde side. By "focused on PVP" I mean many RBGs groups, solid and mature pvp guilds, no problem in finding arena partners.

    I count on you and thank you for your help in advance.

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    RBG groups can be got cross-realm, and there are addons to find groups pretty easily for them. For EU-Horde though Stormscale is the obvious choice, the highest population PvP server for horde. There is also Blackrock (German) and other realms like: Archimonde, Al'Akir, Auchindoun, although i'm not sure if they are all English servers.

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