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    Honor -> Justice 5.2?

    Hello MMO-Champ!
    I have a question for you all since I seem to have missed any mentions of it in the patch notes.
    For 5.2, is it once again possible to convert Honor points into Justice points and the other way around?

    My plan was to max up both Justice and Honor for the new season, purchase epic honor gear and then convert my JP to honor and purchase even more?

    So, will it work or not?
    Thank you!

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    Yes, the JP and HP 'Trade' vendors in SW / Org sell them still. 375 of one for 250 of the other (doesn't matter which way you're trading, the amounts are the same). I did this with my monk pre-5.2 as well as just after the patch.
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    Yep, you can. There's a slight cost when you convert though, so be wary (125 per transfer of 375 if the above poster is right). It uses the same vendors it always has.

    Though, you can already buy the new epic honor gear, so there is no point saving you could just spend it now. Honor gear is always purchasable when the patch hits, not the season.

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