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    Quote Originally Posted by obc View Post
    thats what this thread is about
    Well not really, some points are justified, such as Blast Wave and the Elemental spec. Maybe it just doesn't fit into the game now, but they were gameplay bonuses, whereas spirit for crit and feeling special are not.

    EDIT: By that I don't mean to say that you don't know what your thread is about, but eh. Missing something that wasn't anything just seems odd to me.
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    What I miss
    - Frostbite: Chance to freeze enemies when hitting them with "Chilled" spells.
    - Improved Blizzard: Makes your Blizzard slow (To procc ^). Also, picking this talent doesn't necessarily make the company better. *ba-dum-tish*
    - Improved Blink: 35/70% movement speed for 3s after Blinking. I still hope they'll one day remove Blazing Speed and put this in its place.
    - Fiery Payback: This is what punished you for picking on a Fire Mage. Had a chance to disarm opponents and at low HP, makes your Pyroblast cast very quickly, but puts it on a short cooldown.
    - Deep Freeze (PvE): C'mon, who DIDN'T love that giant hit on a boss? Deep Freezing a target perma-immune to stuns would result in a very, VERY hard hitting attack.

    What I don't
    - Reagents
    - Requiring people to make a table
    - Reagents
    - Frost not being competitive in PvE (Oh wait...)
    - Reagents
    - Fire-Immune mobs
    - Arcane being a "support" tree
    - And Reagents.
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    What I miss:
    - ICC Critical Strike Rates.
    - Spirit being converted into crit
    - Focus Magic
    - old version of Incanter's Ward.
    - Old talent trees. Used to be amaizing to have various specs. 57/3/11, anyone ? Mid ICC.
    - Icy veins on Arcane spec
    - Living bomb spreading on multiple targets.

    What I don't miss:
    - Reagents
    - RNG of fire (I like the Inferno blast change)
    - Mana problems the mages used to havee

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    - Mana problems the mages used to havee
    i found this a bit engaging as i mentioned some posts above.

    and yeah i also miss focus magic. it was a nice little thing to support the raid with.

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    - Blast wave + Knocking people off their flyers around Naxx before raid.
    - Ice Block being exclusive to Frost mages
    - Instab/Ice Block spec (28/0/23 or 30/0/21 I believe).
    - Like everyone else, ridiculous crit in ICC. Was half the reason I could stand that instance for as long as I could.

    Do not miss:

    - Arcane Explosion with a cast time, 5 point talent to make it instant.
    - Wand spec.
    - Being completely pigeon-holed into Fire or Arcane for raiding for years.
    - Ignite's previously extremely poor design (debuff limit on mobs, one ignite debuff for all mages, scorch spec ignite snipers, etc).
    - WotLK Arcane rotation.

    Things I wish:

    - FFB was more useful outside of a proc for one spec.
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    another thing i miss:

    frostfireorb, unlike its boring cousin, this had more on an impact and looked way cooler. (and it also looks better than the new frostorb)

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    Conjure all the mana gems! (and use cryolisis * i think that is hwo it was spelled). Dont forget TOEP .. :P

    What I miss most was Warrior comming after you... Nova... step back... charge up frostbolt... as it goes off fire blast.. DOUBLE CRIT due to shatter... warrior dead! :P

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    BC combustion
    Blast wave everywhere else
    ICC crit
    Receiving FM in fire.
    Flame orb
    Old deep freeze

    Don't miss:
    Fire without inferno blast
    Beta when inferno spread to all targets
    Fire glyphs in cata
    Frost sucking in PvE
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    Personally, I miss....

    Frostbolt having a random chance to root people
    I miss the no bomb era of specs
    PoM, AP, Pyroblasts
    Fire without Inferno Blasts, mostly ICC era, it's the most fun fire ever was or will ever be

    I don't miss, having food at level 40, that was useless at level 20, and pointless at 40 lol
    Stacking reagents for Tables, Portals and such.
    Everything else, I've pretty much been content with.

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    I miss going fire/frost and taking out the cathedral in SM with AOE glory.
    I know its not very old but I miss blast wave(was hoping they would increase the knockback, not take it out!)
    Another one that isn't very old but I really think it sucks that they took out the fire orb..
    Most of the things I liked from vanilla/bc etc are pretty much still there.. the class hasn't changed all that much honestly.

    What I don't miss:
    1. Evocate being a arcane only talent
    2. Having to drink after every add while questing

    other than that mage has always been my favorite class in wow, tied with rogue, although mages seem to have been more... 'consistent' than rogues over the past 8 years.
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    Basically I miss being a Mage in WOTLK. Except for the Reagents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimm3 View Post
    Focus magic

    nough said
    Me too...I really liked that.

    I used have to fun with that...especially in random BGs or LFR - people begging for the buff...I would put it on the person getting angry about it (seem to remember a jerk of a boomkin bragging about DTR) and then remove it before a pull LOL

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    What I miss:

    Blastwave (Half the reason I was tempted to play a shaman or druid, if only for the AoE knock backs again)
    *arguably* more complex rotations.

    What I don't miss:
    Slowfall Reagents (Everything else I don't mind, but jeeze)
    Arcane being the end all be all best spec for the longest time DPS wise.

    Typically though, I could say other things, but I don't think anything really causes me to -miss- it.

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    I miss the pre-MoP casting flow while playing arcane.
    T5 talents ruined the fun.

    Something I really don't miss though is having to buff dampen/amplify magic on an entire 25 man raid every pull.
    I liked the buffs, but it was just so inconvenient.

    I also miss good on use trinkets, as in BiS good.

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    What I miss:
    • Frostfire build
    • Blastwave
    • Being the only class/way to teleport anywhere
    • Managing threat
    • Having great AoE
    • Winter's Chill + Permafrost + Frostbite + Improved Blizzard
    • Mirror Image in it's original version
    • Unlimited targets for Living Bomb

    What I do not miss:
    • Mage Armor - Now has a new, unique icon.
    • Improved Scorch ramp up
    • Limited DoTs on bosses and ignite munching
    • Arcane Brilliance only applying to a party
    • Fire Immune bosses
    • Spirit
    • Playing with Fire - giving the class with the lowest health pool an ability to be damaged more
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    I miss:

    -Blast wave
    -Old and instant Flamestrike
    -Deep Freeze- OP dmg in PVE
    -Improved blink - my gosh i wish as someone mentioned that they scrap BS and add it back
    -Focus Magic - fun times in Cata
    -Critical Mass apply via Scorch
    -Armors being instant cast
    -All old viable PVE Prime glyphs
    -Fireblast spell

    What I don't miss:
    -Frost being not competitive in PVE
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    There was a brief time in Ulduar where LvB crits on each tick were proc'ing hot streaks (LvB was also changed into unlimited targets). I remembered killing Kologarn while spamming LvB and pyros on everything and smashed the chart.

    Also, frost bites random proc's were hilarious, especially on rogues' opener.

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