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Whats insignia? And pretty much what I was getting at is while the dk is doing all this fancy stuff just to try and move the rogue is dropping 70k+ attacks WHILE all this cc is happening. So the lack of damage you are doing is going to catch up with you. And if you have used desecrated ground on the first open and trinket on the second, how is the rogue not blind -> restealthing for the third or just burning a second vanish to get another open? Still not seeing how your getting runic power while being locked down the entire time. I think we are seeing rogues differently. Rogues kill dks in under 10 seconds generally from what ive seen, like everything else. My dk isnt geared enough to make an attempt but I know quite a few dks and any good rogue is a loss no argument lol.
He isn't going to just restealth with a pet on him. He will have to blow vanish.