These are my thoughts on what some may call a ''snowflake-attitude''.

WoW kind of derived of this behavior,that makes it possible for players to get items or titles that are unique and after a time there would be no way to get them.
The game was like that in the past with raiding titles you couldn't get anymore,or like the amani bear mount etc...
Blizz has been getting away from this and they shouldn't actually,its much more fun if they do more of this stuff.

It gives spirit to the game,it makes the game fun in a not easy to see way.
First I'd like to say that I'm not an ''elitist' or a snowflake.Been playing for 6 years but I've never had anything very impressive actually.
I tended to make alts and not focus on my main,and I've always been playing casually,so I never got my hands on something to show while I pretend to be afk in stormwind.
No,yet I can still appreciate when another player has an unique item or thing in game that is not available for me.
Best example would be the old pvp titles when you couldn't get them from rbg.It was a plus to see people with them in game...its hard to say but its like players become ''npcs''.They add to the immersion of the game,whenever I saw with that title I would immediately think about the countless hours he probably spent in wow vanilla,back when pvp was entirely different.(I an only imagine,I started in bc)
And I would feel the same if invincible was made unable to get.I'd be reminded of the Lich king fights in ICC.

Compared to now.If I see the mount,it can be from a good raider from wotlk or some guy that started wow last month,dinged 90,ran icc for a transmog run and dropped it.Same with the pvp titles,they're lost a lot of value,and thats so reinforced with all the cheating going on in rbg.
Sadly some things lose value if they're just available to everyone.There is need for rarity.Rarity is good.
An amani warbear in available to all becomes just a regular boring mount.But when it was only for those who cleared the raid in its time,it was something,it was that cool bear from zul aman run.And it was better like that.