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    Chillblains bugged?

    Hey guys!
    Back after a break from PvP, just started running some BGs to gear up with my Holy Paladin friend, and noticed Howling Blast/Frost Fever in general doesn't seem to slow people, despite me having the Chillblains talent.
    It's really ruining the experience, since I'm having to spam CoI to stay on any target that's kiting me.
    Just basically wondering if Blizz has already aknowledged this, or maybe I'm just being crazy?

    Best regards,

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    Not slowing on me aswell.. don't know if blizzard knows about it, but hope they fix it soon.

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    I just noticed from Tortos fight that some "more powerful" slow effect might override yours, like hunter's ice trap. Not sure if that causes your problem.

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    works as unholy

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    Its bugged, i have to respec into it in order to work, it rebugs after you zone into a bg or arena... something like that.

    The problem is though you can't respec or adjust your talents during a bg.

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    Seriously, playing arena and you see people running away from you while have frost fever debuff..... Hilarious.

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    I've also noticed this. Seemed to sporadically work. CoI also was not rooting at times.

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    Rooting works, slow doesn't.

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    Blizzard do your job!

    There's no way i can play without CHillblains in pvp, it's like my most important survivability tool.
    So tired of this bug!

    they owe me gold for all the Tomes i have to buy!
    Why not just remove DK's? WIthout Chillblains there's no reason to play.
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    We're aware of this and are actively working on a fix.

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