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    Honestly, it's as bad as people were thinking it going to be, however I DO feel short on DPS, especially when I get bad RNG on procs.

    DPS aside, I feel like I could be benched due to how all I provide is OK DPS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shangalar View Post
    As Arcane, which is supposed to be the king of not having mobility. That's why I don't understand all of this kicking and screaming going on.

    The key to doing dps as a mage at the moment isn't buffing our dps (though I don't claim that it wouldn't be good), but knowing the boss timers and abilities by heart. Knowing that the second you activate Icy Veins you will have 20 seconds to do damage and not suddenly being forced to run halfway across the world. Same with Arcane Power. Knowing that when you activate Alter Time something that will kill you will be launched in your direction in the next couple of seconds.

    There's no more mindless bashing of our rotations and cooldowns.
    I really dont understand posts like this. 'Mage isnt bad at the moment, just make up for it by playing better then the rest of your raid'. Why would mages need to play extra well compared to other classes to do good dps? Why should a warlock who mindlessly bashes his rotation and cooldowns outdps a mage who does so? Isnt that bad balancing in the first place? I really dont see the point your trying to make.

    Argueing mages that were doing fine first and are seeing themselves at the buttom now are down there because they 'mindlessly bash their rotation and cooldowns' really isnt a sollid argument in my opinion.

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    Yeah i find the "we will be good with better gear" idea a bit baffling. How are we meant to get this gear if the raids don't want to take us in. Are we meant to sit the majority of this tier out till the raid team feels charitable enough to carry us through and load us up with gear. With a 25 man guild that has 4 mages, 10/12norm I might get 1 or 2 bosses a week at the current state.

    Also the bosses i do come in on i feel useless as hell, which doesn't feel great and whats the point in playing the game if you aren't contributing/having a good time.

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    i feel useless when im bottom dps yes but i have yet to learn the whole mechanic of the fight and my dps will improve in following week.(i think i was bottom dps 2 fights out of 9??consort and durumu(freaking knockback on twins)

    i do find it odd blizz is trying to balance class around "end gear" when thats going to take another 3-4months or so >_>

    @ dailyblink post that was gold :P in oceanic now Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lexanna View Post
    Take this however you wish, but really?!? QQing since for once in the 8 years I've been playing Mages are not top damage??? I say about time you guys feel the pain that other classes have had to endure. Karma is a bitch I guess.
    go look up the definition of karma...

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    Yes, this week in my raid, I just felt like I was being carried. I mean the burst is still there, but ugh over time, and once I have to move, I can feel myself sucking when I get no crits for a whole 45 seconds.
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