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    (H) Ominous LF 1 Tank and a Mage

    We DO not recruit for bench, this is a CORE spot we have available and we expect raiders to maintain a 90% attendance. We want long term members.

    This is a 10 man raid guild on Illidan looking for solid and consistent players. We are always looking for better players that fit in with our balanced raid atmosphere. We keep drama out of the guild, keep things light while getting kills. We want to get our core 100% and progress as a guild. While we would prefer players who are 490+ ilevel knowledge and ability to play your class successfully can over compensate for the gear. Feel free to apply no matter what. We raid Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 8:00pm to midnight server time. Please go to Ominous-gaming.com to apply

    6/6 MSV 4/6 Heroic
    6/6 HOF 1/6 Heroic
    4/4 ToES

    2/12 TOT

    Class needs by Role:

    Protection Paladin- Open <---
    Blood Deathknight- Open <----
    Protection Warrior- Open <----
    Guardian Druid- Open<---
    Brewmaster Monk- Closed

    Restoration Druid - Closed
    Restoration Shaman - Closed
    Holy Paladin - Closed
    Disc Priest - Closed

    Rogue - Closed

    Balance Druid - Closed
    Shadow Priest- Closed
    Mage - Open <----
    Warlock - Closed
    Elemental Shaman- Closed
    Hunter - Closed

    Send me a whisper via battletag war#1930
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    buymo bump bump

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    I apologize if I missed it, but what server is your guild on? And do you have a website for more info?

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    oops its illidan and ominous-gaming.com

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