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    At least it's not a 10% damage decrease to everything. :\

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    Wow... that is... weak.

    They ham fist all of our nerfs, but they want to tip toe the buffs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by schwarzkopf View Post
    Mage: Nether Tempest, Living Bomb, Frost Bomb damage +40%.
    We’re happy with the relative power of Arcane, Fire and Frost mages in PvE to each other, but all three specs are below where we want them. We were hoping that once groups got past the first few 5.2 raid encounters that benefit a lot from multi-dotting that we’d see mage DPS climb, but it’s not there yet. We don’t want to change rotations or force players to change specs, so we wanted a relatively passive change.

    We decided to buff the bombs because it affects all three specs relatively similarly and is as close to a passive form of damage as mages have. Had we buffed the cast-time nukes, the risk is that mages would lose even more DPS on high movement or high multi-dot fights, which wasn’t our intent. If these buffs aren’t sufficient, we will happily make more, but we’d rather make a few buffs a few times in a row rather than over buff then have to nerf it back down.

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    Really, this is what they had in mind when increasing our dps. what a joke.

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    Please discuss the changes in the newly opened thread.
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