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    Horridon help 10m

    Hey guys,

    I need some help with horridon. Our team can't seem to transition from 2nd gate to 3rd gate without loosing people or just wiping on 2nd gate. Atm what we're doing is burning the 1st priest, focussing the 2nd priest he spawns and then putting a melee on the 3rd priest to keep interrupts up while we focus the 2nd priest.

    However coming out of that gate we're struggling with keeping everyone alive.
    What do you guys recommend doing about the effusions that the priests summon?
    Any other tips will be greatly appreciated.

    Our logs http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/4lffhqv1a100g6mh/ (sunday)
    http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/ub113kdx6gb1j80r/ (monday)

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    Just focus the effusions down before the priests, they should always be priority one. Assign interrupters to the priests (and possibly even the effusions if you can't kill them fast enough) and it should be relatively easy. If you execute the door correctly you can probably do it without a single cast going off but it's still healable with a few. If you happen to have one a mistweaver makes the door a cakewalk, but with the recent nerfs I doubt you'll have that many issues if you get the interrupting sorted.

    There's also a massive thread just below this one aimed at exactly this fight.
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    And make sure your raid isnt all over the place, its impossible to DPS the adds when theyre running around chasing healers.

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    Are you guys AoE'ing the adds or focusing priests/effusions down first?

    (also I have looked at the thread above/below. Even with adopting some techniques from there we're still finding it difficult, that's why I posted logs to see if anyone can see something wrong)

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    Focusing the effusions>priests, the other adds from gate two are quite harmless.

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    Assign an order to use raid CDs, and don't blow them all at once, or not using them at all, too many low level guilds take this for granted, really...
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    Make sure you guys avoid all the unnecessary damage as well its not just all that , there are many things happening at the same time , some mobs even cleave so have ur tank face em all away from you guys and rest use any kind of aggro reduction to help the tank
    UPDATE : Horridon got a nerf on all those troll mobs ! that should help a bit

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    You should position Horridon so that his side is facing the gate and everyone is grouped up between horridon and the adds. Then just optimize your stuns/interrupts, there really isn't anything else I could add the other haven't said yet.

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    This fight is bitch for us as well, but we managed to get p2 down more or less after some adjustements. Pre-marked the priests (2 on on the side) which jump down as 2nd and 3rd in p2. Assigned dedicated interrupters to them (1 for each). Though when dinomancer is up some poisons go through as people are focusing it down, but well that is not that big of an issue as long as tank who has horridon is dispelled properly and anyone else with high stacks.

    Make sure that those people who can dispel actually see on their unit frames/add-ons the debuffs and their stacks. As for us, some people just can't see the debuff stacks on their add-on, but from blizzard frames. So you can check into that, that everyone see debuff stacks properly

    Have your ranged to focus on the effusions and try to stay as stacked as possible. Since as a tank it is painful to gather up all the adds when those are running amok in the raid.

    Have one dedicated healer for Horridon tank.

    Other then that, just try to figure out in which role everyone fits best to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raeion View Post
    UPDATE : Horridon got a nerf on all those troll mobs ! that should help a bit
    This is the first I've heard of this.

    Aaaand, snap, I must've missed it the first time I read the hotfix notes. Wild, we tried him tonight, adds didn't seem to go down faster ...
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    If they just posted about the hotifxes, it's possible that they might not actually go live until after regular maintenance

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    Thanks for the tips, we got it down =)

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