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Its all well and good to say, "Blizz are actually fixing an issue, they care!!" There shouldnt have been an issue where a boss required such a stupid amount of people to kill in the first place. We did it on Cael US over the weekend with 4 raid groups. 3 just could not do it - I suspect because majority of the people are tards, but thats the issue with pugging and thats an issue Blizzard should have thought of. Then you encounter the isuse of trying to kill them before the opposite faction does, of course youre going to bring as many people as you can so you can get it down first try.

It was bad design from the start and they arent fixing the core problem with the boss.
Clearly getting it down first try so the other faction couldn't steal it isn't as much of a problem as you suggest it is if you had time to attempt it with 3 groups, fail i.e. wipe, respawn and assemble a 4th group, and still managed to get the kill for yourselves. I think ultimately either strategy serves their purpose: either you restore a sense of community by getting some 150 people together on a server for a common purpose, or you restore a sense of heroic raiding by getting togehter 80 (!) geared, potted, coordinated raiders, have a battle plan, and try to defeat a very powerful enemy. So no, the core problem isn't that the boss is too hard and requires an unreasonable amount of people, it's just that the servers can't handle what was on paper a fairly smart idea. Not that that's a simple solution, but it is the one they're attempting to address, and it is the correct issue; if they can get the servers to sustain these fights, the game design is good.